Zoop Care assists healthcare providers in enabling a better care coordination

14:58 | 23/11/2020
The healthcare industry will need to continue adopting technology to continue serving patients safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Zoop Care platform is now available to optimise the healthcare process in Vietnam.
zoop care assists healthcare providers in enabling a better care coordination
Zoop Care assists healthcare providers in enabling better care coordination

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of people’s lives and every aspect of the healthcare system. It is preventing healthcare delivery practices from operating at normal business levels, it is disrupting patient access to high-quality medical care, and it is forcing everyone to think about how to continue pushing forward in new and different ways.

To address the issues, many healthcare providers have turned to technology to help ease the burden caused by the virus, while also enforcing social distancing measures. It is clear that the digital healthcare sector is gaining traction in Vietnam.

According to a report by Fitch Solutions, in light of the current challenges faced by public hospitals in Vietnam and the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital healthcare sector holds promise. Internet access is widespread and the country has seen rapid development in 4G and 5G mobile communications technologies. Building on these foundations, the government of Vietnam is driving a digitalisation agenda in hospitals and clinics across the country. Smart solutions are being strongly encouraged that utilise big data, AI, cloud computing, and mobile technology to help alleviate Vietnam’s overcrowded public hospitals and increase the quality of care.

Among them, Zoop Care is a platform facilitating communication, coordination between healthcare providers and healthcare consumers. The company is actively expanding its operations in Vietnam to contribute to higher quality and more cost-effective healthcare.

Lucy Duong, COO of Zoop Care, said that when we were conducting market research, the team noticed that it was common for service providers to sort tasks manually with great difficulties. Daily administrative functions and operations such as appointment scheduling or patient registration are mostly done on paper, with no effective archival method in sight. This poses a challenge for those in customer support when retrieving data, as well as those in administrative positions.

In addition, instead of one communication platform, multiple mediums are often employed to contact and manage customers: a messaging app to share information, a calendar app to schedule an appointment, and email for marketing purposes. This disconnected approach prevents them from optimising their operations and measuring operational efficiency.

It is apparent that healthcare providers are wasting time on admin tasks which could be simplified with integrated mobile technology. Therefore, Zoop Care is designed with many useful features, such as online booking, automatic reminders, smart calendar, treatment reminders, automatic response collection, and real-time reporting to help healthcare providers address challenges and improve customer care.

With Zoop Care, healthcare centres can manage appointments with just the click of a button, which in turn minimises overlapping and increasing booking efficiency. Meanwhile, the app also provides automatic reminders and timely appointment updates for customers to reduce the number of cancellations and no-show appointments at healthcare centres.

Keeping the end-users in mind, Zoop Care helps healthcare providers communicate with customers as well as gather and process data seamlessly. Specifically, Zoop Care automatically acquires feedback from customers after each appointment. Therefore, healthcare providers can gain more insights about customers’ needs and wants to deliver better care on their next visit.

In addition, Zoop Care offers an overview of customers’ visits clearly in numbers and charts. Presented with visual data, businesses have crucial information at their fingertips: an overview of the appointment attendance rate; which stage in the process needs revision; or where service quality can be improved. Correspondingly, customer retention rate and overall satisfaction will increase.

zoop care assists healthcare providers in enabling a better care coordination
Zoom Care is designed with many useful features to help healthcare providers improve customer care

For healthcare customers, Zoop Care solutions such as automatic reminders, treatment reminders, and direct communication will allow for a more effective and less stressful experience. Gone will be the days where people had to wait for hours on end to have their healthcare concerns addressed.

It is clear that technology has a role to play in accelerating progress for solutions to the pandemic and other pressing healthcare concerns and challenges. Looking ahead, healthcare organisations will continue to use newly-implemented technology tools throughout the recovery period and into the new normal. Companies that need to accelerate their digital transformation during this time will continue to rely on trusted partners who can support their trust, security, and technology adoption into the future.

In this context, Zoop Care aims to establish a strong relationship with healthcare providers in Vietnam such as hospitals and clinics (including dental, surgical, and beauty clinics); rehabilitation and acupuncture centres; and even spas.

As the slogan suggests, "Zoop is here to giúp!" (Zoop is here to help!). Zoop Care platform will continue to be the bridge that unites every participant in the ecosystem. Supporting users and improving their experience will remain central to the startup’s mission. Hopefully, the platform will become a healthcare essential for every household in the long term.

By Thanh Van

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