YouTube Kids app suggests disturbing conspiracy videos to children

18:41 | 20/03/2018
After firms’ advertisements on online video site YouTube were linked to clips containing poor content caused a scandal, YouTube Kids, which is a separate app from the main YouTube app, has been suggesting conspiracy videos to children.
youtube kids app suggests disturbing conspiracy videos to children
Image in David Icke's video suggested for children (Source: Business Insider)

According to newswire Business Insider from the UK, recently, YouTube Kids featured many conspiracy theory videos which claim that the world is flat, that the moon landing was fake, and that the planet is ruled by reptile-human hybrids.

Notably, one suggested video was an hour-long lecture published by prominent conspiracy theorist David Icke where he claims that aliens built the pyramids, that the planet is run by reptile-human hybrids, that Freemasons engage in human sacrifice, that the assassination of President Kennedy was planned by the US government, and that humans would evolve in 2012.

Two other conspiracy theory videos by Icke appeared in the related videos section, meaning it was easy for children to quickly go from watching relatively innocent videos about toys to content on conspiracy theories. Despite the fact that these videos do not violate YouTube’s policies, they are not suitable for children.

The YouTube Kids app is home to a wide variety of content that includes enriching and entertaining videos for families. This content is screened using human trained systems. That being said, no system is perfect and sometimes we miss the mark. When we do, we take immediate action to block the videos or, as necessary, channels from appearing in the app. We will continue to work to improve the YouTube Kids app experience.

YouTube Kids is a separate app from the main YouTube app, and it is meant to allow parents to let their children browse YouTube without being worried about any unsuitable content appearing. Children are encouraged to learn languages, read books, and watch educational videos.

Earlier in December last year, numerous international and domestic brands pulled their advertisements from YouTube. Notably, Vinamilk, Vingroup and Vinasoy decided to pull their advertisements because they were linked to a clip containing obscene and pornographic comments.

Previously, after finding that its brand name was appearing on clips with improper content on YouTube, Vietjet sent a dispatch to Google reminding them that if the company cannot prevent such incidents, Vietjet will cut their telecommunications co-operation with Google.

In addition, FrieslandCampina Vietnam, the owner of the Dutch Lady brand, complained that it is unacceptable to link its brand with objectionable content, seriously impacting its reputation.

Other brands like Lidl, Mars, Cadbury, Adidas, Deutsche Bank, and Hewlett-Packard flat out stopped advertising on YouTube after the incident came to light.

As the result, YouTube, in collaboration with Vietnamese authorities, removed 3,000 clips and over 600 accounts that were deemed inappropriate or slanderous toward Vietnamese individuals and organisations.

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