change management Change management

08:38 | 05/12/2013

“Change is the only constant” – Heraclitus . The short sentence reflects a crucial principle for all individuals and organizations: change.

why being a manager is not enough Why Being a Manager is NOT Enough?

11:05 | 04/12/2013

We all have managers. But, are they leaders?

show and tell Show and tell

10:46 | 04/12/2013

Many employees quit a job because the reality is not in tangent with their expectation. To solve this problem, recruiters ...

tips for recruiting foreign employees Tips for recruiting foreign employees

10:33 | 04/12/2013

Following the globalization trend, there is a growing number of Vietnamese and Foreign enterprises in Vietnam searching for manpower from ...

training your staffs through employee exchange program Training your staffs through employee exchange program

10:23 | 04/12/2013

Every management team cares about training and developing their workforce. At national or international corporations, implementing an Employee Exchange Program ...

win your success in mass recruitment Win your success in mass recruitment

10:14 | 04/12/2013

What happens when you have to recruit hundreds of staff in just 3 weeks? Various positions are needed to start ...

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