pwc market capitalisation of global top 100 set 21 trillion record PwC: market capitalisation of Global Top 100 set $21 trillion record

By Anh Duc 15:57 | 13/08/2019

The market capitalisation of the world’s 100 largest public companies has increased by $1.04 trillion, growing 5 per cent on-year, according to PwC.

ifrs 17 the controversy that has not come to an end IFRS 17: The controversy that has not come to an end

08:00 | 08/07/2019

As the first comprehensive and truly International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) to set up a consistent accounting framework for all ...

banks look towards ifrs 9 practical implementation Banks look towards IFRS 9 practical implementation

By Dinh Thuy 19:37 | 19/06/2019

The transition to IFRS 9 might hold opportunities for banks, experts from PwC and SAS said at a workshop held ...

rethinking workforce strategy for financial services Rethinking workforce strategy for financial services

By Anh Duc 07:37 | 04/06/2019

PwC launched a new report with the results of its Global CEO Survey on creating a more cost-competitive talent model ...

ppp the key driver for industry 40 success PPP the key driver for Industry 4.0 success

08:47 | 20/05/2019

Aligned to the global movement towards a digital economy, Vietnam is taking the Fourth Industrial Revolution in its stride. The ...

pwc digital trust insights survey cybersecurity helps organisations outperform their peers PwC Digital Trust Insights Survey: Cybersecurity helps organisations outperform their peers

By Anh Duc 15:30 | 18/05/2019

Organisations taking a business-driven cybersecurity approach to their digital initiatives achieve better outcomes and outperform their peers, according to PwC’s May ...

forging a path towards 40 sustainability Forging a path towards 4.0 sustainability

08:50 | 13/05/2019

Raising technological capabilities has become an inevitable trend now that Industry 4.0 is gaining traction across the board, casting profound ...

banking forum 2019 transformation needed for banks sustainable growth Banking Forum 2019: Transformation needed for banks’ sustainable growth

By Anh Duc 14:00 | 08/05/2019

Experts at the recent "Banking Forum 2019" in Hanoi has reached a consensus in urging banks to focus on transformations ...

vietcombank pwc cooperate on digital banking transformation Vietcombank, PwC cooperate on digital banking transformation

By Nguyen Huong 22:02 | 16/04/2019

Vietcombank and PwC Consulting Vietnam have officially kicked off Vietcombank’s Digital Banking Transformation project today in Hanoi. This is considered ...

banks gearing up for change Banks gearing up for change

08:00 | 25/03/2019

Innovative technologies, changing customer demands, and shifting regulatory landscapes are transforming the global banking industry...

pwc releases latest survey on consumer behaviour PwC releases latest survey on consumer behaviour

By Anh Duc 09:41 | 20/03/2019

The latest survey by PwC shows a ramp up in consumer preference to avail of digital technology prowess to feed ...

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