rules relaxed for a more inclusive market Rules relaxed for a more inclusive market

08:46 | 20/08/2018

Michael Piro, chief operating officer of Indochina Capital, spoke to VIR’s Hoang Anh about witnessing radical changes in the Vietnamese real estate market and the basis for his unbreakable faith in future prospects in the ...

renkon brings stylish izakaya dining to ho chi minh city Renkon brings stylish Izakaya dining to Ho Chi Minh City

By Bich Ngoc 16:16 | 13/08/2018

The Eight Four Collective, an innovative hospitality group bringing Japanese concepts to Vietnam, has recently announced the launch of the ...

wink hotels secures prime location in danang for its third project in vietnam Wínk Hotels secures prime location in Danang for its third project in Vietnam

By Ngoc Bich 18:38 | 07/07/2018

Indochina Kajima Development Limited, the developer of the innovative Wínk Hotels brand, has acquired a second site in Danang for ...

letting the market take care of mas Letting the market take care of M&As

08:00 | 11/06/2018

Vietnam has witnessed numerous merger and acquisitions (M&A) deals with foreign partners completed in recent years, with many more in ...

condotel the future of the real estate industry Condotel—the future of the real estate industry

16:52 | 18/05/2018

Michael Piro from Indochina capital sheds light on the rising star of the holiday property market, condotels, which remain little ...

indochina capital crowned at asia pacific property award Indochina Capital crowned at Asia-Pacific Property Award

By Van Anh 11:21 | 11/05/2018

Indochina Capital has just won the Property Consultancy category of Asia-Pacific Property Awards 2018-2019, the most prestigious industry award in ...

indochina capital named the best real estate consultant at golden dragon awards ceremony Indochina Capital named the Best Real Estate Consultant at Golden Dragon Awards ceremony

By Anh Duc 12:03 | 17/04/2018

Indochina Capital Corporation has been recognised as the Best Real Estate Consultant at the Golden Dragon Awards.

co working builds office of the future Co-working builds office of the future

By Bich Ngoc 11:10 | 17/04/2018

Co-working spaces, initially seen as purely a fad, have proven themselves to be a worthwhile strategy to boost productivity and ...

toong opens new co working space in ho chi minh city Toong opens new co-working space in Ho Chi Minh City 1

By Bich Ngoc 10:46 | 12/04/2018

Toong, the first co-working space chain invested by Indochina Capital, launched its largest facility—Toong Minh Khai in the heart of ...

sbv restricts real estate and construction loans SBV restricts real estate and construction loans

12:31 | 24/03/2018

The State Bank of Vietnam recently issued a new document, requesting local credit institutions to restrict lending concentration for the ...

toong collaborates with indochina vanguard hotels to implement a co working space in wink hotels Toong collaborates with Indochina Vanguard Hotels to implement a co-working space in Wínk Hotels

By Anh Duc 10:51 | 19/03/2018

Today, Vietnamese co-working space pioneer and leader Toong and Indochina Vanguard, a hospitality joint venture between Indochina Capital and Vanguard ...

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