soes need solutions to improve business efficiency SOEs need solutions to improve business efficiency

17:00 | 30/09/2019

As State-owned enterprises (SOEs) have many functions in the local economy, they struggle to fulfil their main task of doing business, so they need solutions to improve business efficiency, according to experts.

crafting a climate policy revolution Crafting a climate policy revolution

11:51 | 24/09/2019

Climate change is moving faster than humanity, and humanity is struggling to stop it. Every part of the world, including ...

vietnam needs to complete land market experts Vietnam needs to complete land market: experts

17:02 | 13/09/2019

Vietnam was urged to complete the land market to meet requirements and ensure development, experts said.

high hopes for ppp draft law High hopes for PPP draft law

08:00 | 12/09/2019

Amid expectation among investors, the latest draft of the Law on Public-Private Partnership has come out with some positive changes, ...

building the mechanism for sturdy fdi efficiency Building the mechanism for sturdy FDI efficiency

16:00 | 04/09/2019

With significant contributions of foreign investment to Vietnam’s social-economic development over the past 30 years, Vietnam is working to increase ...

vietnam takes a right approach to advance industry 40 ambitions Vietnam takes a right approach to advance Industry 4.0 ambitions

14:00 | 04/09/2019

Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment has completed and announced a draft of the national strategy on the Fourth Industrial ...

vietnams immense economic voyage Vietnam’s immense economic voyage

08:55 | 04/09/2019

Over more than three decades, Vietnam has grown from a war-torn nation to a stable, middle-income, and globally-integrated nation. Professor ...

japan south korea spat an economic lose lose experts Japan-South Korea spat an economic lose-lose: Experts

15:44 | 29/08/2019

A diplomatic spat that prompted Japan and South Korea to downgrade trade and military ties is an economic lose-lose, experts ...

simplifying legalities to halt hasty business exits Simplifying legalities to halt hasty business exits

10:00 | 29/08/2019

In a talk with VIR’s Nguyen Huong about the troubles caused by businesses exiting from Vietnam, lawyer Truong Thanh Duc, ...

rewiring intellectual property rules Rewiring intellectual property rules

10:52 | 28/08/2019

On June 14, the Vietnamese National Assembly passed a law amending and supplementing certain articles of the Law on Insurance ...

streamlining for the next industrial age Streamlining for the next industrial age

11:44 | 26/08/2019

The consumers of today are well-connected and well-informed. They are expecting more than just a standard, one-size-fits-all product from brands, ...

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