wind power barriers need removing Wind power barriers need removing

09:55 | 02/04/2019

Vietnam’s latest and most comprehensive regulation on wind power development is expected to leave much room for improvement.

vietnam seeks investment in energy market Vietnam seeks investment in energy market

17:30 | 29/03/2019

As one of the most efficient power markets in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has huge prospects, especially in renewable energy, experts ...

cptpp signals pharma breakthrough CPTPP signals pharma breakthrough

09:22 | 29/03/2019

Amid enforcement of landmark free trade agreements, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health has made significant legislative changes...

public debt a big risk for vns economy say experts Public debt a big risk for VN's economy, say experts

11:09 | 26/03/2019

The State budget deficit, which regularly remains at a high level, and rising public debt are among the biggest macro-economic ...

the rise of vietnamese mas The rise of Vietnamese M&As

09:37 | 22/03/2019

Vietnam has so far witnessed a growing number of mergers and acquisitions. It is estimated that the value of capital ...

new whitebooks key themes New Whitebook’s key themes

15:29 | 14/03/2019

EuroCham’s Whitebook 2019 is set to be launched this week, and features a number of interesting insights. Nicolas Audier, EuroCham’s ...

vietnamese dong given stable outlook Vietnamese dong given stable outlook

13:35 | 14/03/2019

The Vietnamese dong would be steady next months, buoyed by positive foreign inflow and reasonable gap between interest rates of the dong and the ...

reinforcing law on supplementary food Reinforcing law on supplementary food

09:33 | 08/03/2019

A great portion of the vast variety of supplementary food on the market are believed to be counterfeit, fetching a ...

industry 40 to boost gdp experts Industry 4.0 to boost GDP: experts

11:47 | 03/03/2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution could increase Viet Nam’s GDP by between US$28.5 billion and $62.1 billion – equivalent to a ...

ministry wants to reduce tax on locally made auto parts Ministry wants to reduce tax on locally made auto parts

10:34 | 20/02/2019

The Ministry of Finance has asked the Government to amend its laws to eliminate the special consumption tax on locally ...

foreigners earning incomes from providing services in vietnam what are their tax liabilities Foreigners earning incomes from providing services in Vietnam, what are their tax liabilities?

By Grant Thornton Vietnam 08:19 | 20/02/2019

With the increasing trends in economic integration, it is normal that overseas organisations and foreigners generate income from doing business ...

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