credit growth moderation positive for vietnams banks moodys Credit growth moderation positive for Vietnam’s banks: Moody’s

08:49 | 16/01/2019

A moderation in Vietnamese banks’ credit growth is a positive for their asset quality and capitalisation, Moody’s Investors Service said in a recent report.

new circular on securities related service prices New circular on securities-related service prices

11:56 | 05/01/2019

The Ministry of Finance has issued new securities-related service regulations for trading organisations and commercial banks doing business in Vietnam’s ...

foreign capital attraction to see new forms expert Foreign capital attraction to see new forms: expert

10:53 | 03/01/2019

Vietnam needs to learn about new forms of investment to raise appropriate policies for attracting foreign money, according to chairman ...

higher limits could help end loan sharking experts Higher limits could help end loan-sharking: experts

15:34 | 27/12/2018

Increasing the limits of unsecured loans given by banks will prevent people from approaching loan sharks, an online conference hosted ...

minibus a good solution for the current traffic problem experts Minibus, a good solution for the current traffic problem: experts

15:47 | 25/12/2018

Passenger bus network have been developed extensively in the districts, wards and towns to encourage people to use public transport ...

ma dispute arbitration key experts MA dispute arbitration key: experts

12:46 | 21/12/2018

Vietnamese and foreign firms are increasingly resorting to arbitration for settling disputes related to mergers and acquisitions, experts told a ...

optimising benefits from tax incentives Optimising benefits from tax incentives

By Nghiem Xuan Hong An - Tax manager, Grant Thornton (Vietnam) 08:00 | 20/12/2018

Corporate income tax incentive is a big concern for most investors when doing business in Vietnam, and there are many ...

quality price key to conquering japan experts Quality, price key to conquering Japan: experts

11:54 | 13/12/2018

To gain entry to the Japanese market, Vietnamese firms should pay attention to two factors, quality and price, experts told ...

organic firms need to do research Organic firms need to do research

09:42 | 11/12/2018

Companies interested in organic agriculture should engage in market research and brand building, and not just simply chase trends without ...

start ups embrace logistics sector Start-ups embrace logistics sector

16:01 | 10/12/2018

The logistics sector has been the bottleneck for Vietnam’s economic development, but offers plentiful opportunities for local startup companies with ...

policies come into effect in december Policies come into effect in December

13:23 | 10/12/2018

A string of fresh policies on holiday salary, pensions for female laborers, social insurance for foreign workers shall come into ...

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