experts say no concern for us dollar appreciation Experts say no concern for US dollar appreciation

15:16 | 10/05/2019

The US dollar has continued to appreciate against the Vietnamese dong in recent days, but experts are not concerned about the rise, saying the central bank will take effective measures to get the foreign exchange ...

government ignores affordable housing experts Government ignores affordable housing: experts

13:00 | 06/05/2019

Hoang Thi Thuy Van, 48, of HCM City’s Thu Duc District, was able to buy a low-priced apartment four years ...

fresh policies take effect since may 2019 Fresh policies take effect since May 2019

12:16 | 04/05/2019

A series of policies on false denunciations, new emission standards for second-hand vehicle imports, Labor Code on licensing outsourcing services ...

nurturing the required skills for the workforce Nurturing the required skills for the workforce

14:00 | 01/05/2019

Vietnam is in a huge need of upskilling the local workforce to prepare them well for growing future demand among ...

sct exemption for localisation SCT exemption for localisation

14:00 | 01/05/2019

Proposals on the special consumption tax exemption for locally-manufactured parts will be a key driver for automobile manufacturing and supporting ...

fostering development of creative minds Fostering development of creative minds

13:00 | 01/05/2019

Vietnam is making great efforts to create strong private enterprises able to make major contributions to national socio-economic development.

embracing the worlds digital future Embracing the world’s digital future

10:00 | 01/05/2019

Most businesses feel the impact of digital disruption, whether it comes from a change in customer demands, employee needs, new ...

industry 40 strategy creation Industry 4.0 strategy creation

10:00 | 01/05/2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is on its way and knocking at the doors of businesses across Vietnam. Kieu Nguyen Viet ...

adjustments to put wind in private sectors sails Adjustments to put wind in private sector’s sails

09:00 | 01/05/2019

Vietnam is amending the Law on Investment 2014 and Law on Enterprises 2014, aiming to bring half a decade old ...

new digital tech in the private sector New digital tech in the private sector

14:00 | 30/04/2019

The digital transformation poses an unprecedented opportunity to create a strong private sector ecosystem. RSM Vietnam, one of the leading ...

cleaning up condotel legislation in vietnam Cleaning up condotel legislation in Vietnam

08:00 | 25/04/2019

Appearing in Vietnam three years ago, condotels have not yet been properly integrated into the country’s laws on property buying, ...

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