eu adopts covid 19 vaccine export control scheme EU adopts Covid-19 vaccine export control scheme

10:17 | 30/01/2021

The European Commission on Friday launched a scheme to monitor and in some cases bar exports of vaccines produced in EU plants, amid a row with British-Swedish drugs giant AstraZeneca.

eu backtracks on restricting vaccines to northern ireland EU backtracks on restricting vaccines to Northern Ireland

10:09 | 30/01/2021

The EU backtracked Friday over threats to restrict vaccine exports to Northern Ireland after London voiced "grave concerns" over the ...

new covid 19 cases in thailand philippines stay high New COVID-19 cases in Thailand, Philippines stay high

09:47 | 30/01/2021

Hanoi - Thailand confirmed 802 new cases of coronavirus infection on January 29, with Samut Sakhon province still reporting hundreds ...

countries must respect vietnams sovereignty in east sea spokesperson Countries must respect Vietnam’s sovereignty in East Sea: spokesperson

09:05 | 30/01/2021

Vietnam demands that relevant countries respect its sovereignty, sovereign right and jurisdiction in the East Sea, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le ...

singaporean australian media highlight economic opportunities for vietnam Singaporean, Australian media highlight economic opportunities for Vietnam

15:29 | 29/01/2021

The Straits Times of Singapore on January 28 ran an article that views 2021 as a year of opportunity for ...

biden targets trumps middle east legacy Biden targets Trump's Middle East legacy

10:31 | 29/01/2021

Former US president Donald Trump's mould-breaking approach has reshaped decades of Middle East diplomacy, but his legacy in the troubled ...

covid strands 1000 cuban haitian migrants in colombia Covid strands 1,000 Cuban, Haitian migrants in Colombia

10:21 | 29/01/2021

The closing of Panama's border due to Covid has stranded a  thousand migrants -- most from Haiti and Cuba -- ...

czech parliamentarian believes cpv to lead vietnam to new successes Czech parliamentarian believes CPV to lead Vietnam to new successes

15:09 | 28/01/2021

The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) will lead Vietnam to new successes, with the successful organisation of the 13th National ...

vietnam among best countries in battling covid 19 lowy institute Vietnam among best countries in battling COVID-19: Lowy Institute

08:00 | 28/01/2021

Vietnam is among top countries and territories that proved the most successful at containing the pandemic, announced a report unveiled ...

indian scholar believes in vietnam overcoming post covid 19 challenges Indian scholar believes in Vietnam overcoming post-COVID-19 challenges

12:20 | 27/01/2021

Under the leadership of the 13th Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), Vietnam will play decisive role to face the challenges ...

domestic strife dampens us foreign policy Domestic strife dampens US foreign policy

By Quang Bao 08:00 | 27/01/2021

After four tumultuous years, the United States has officially ushered in a new administration, headed by President Joseph R. Biden. ...

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