adb provides 25 million usd to help philippines purchase covid 19 vaccines ADB provides 25 million USD to help Philippines purchase COVID-19 vaccines

10:53 | 05/02/2021

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced on February 1 that it has allocated 25 million USD to help the Philippine government purchase COVID-19 vaccines.

modernas covid 19 vaccine licensed for use in singapore Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine licensed for use in Singapore

10:50 | 05/02/2021

Singapore has become the first country in Asia to approve Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine as it begins rolling out its immunisation ...

uk formally requests to join cptpp UK formally requests to join CPTPP

11:45 | 02/02/2021

The UK made a formal request on February 1 to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), ...

vietnam first time surpasses china in number of labourers working in japan Vietnam first time surpasses China in number of labourers working in Japan

11:30 | 02/02/2021

Vietnam has for the first time surpassed China to become the nation with the highest number of labourers working in ...

international media interest in vietnams development orientations International media interest in Vietnam’s development orientations

11:15 | 02/02/2021

The outcomes of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s 13th National Congress have continued to be in the spotlight of ...

uk trains volunteer vaccine army in covid inoculation race UK trains volunteer vaccine army in Covid inoculation race

10:49 | 01/02/2021

More used to wielding a camera than a needle, taking part in a national vaccination campaign was the "last thing" ...

trump names defense lawyers as historic trial looms Trump names defense lawyers as historic trial looms

10:36 | 01/02/2021

Former US president Donald Trump announced Sunday he had picked two lawyers to head his defense team days before his ...

eu adopts covid 19 vaccine export control scheme EU adopts Covid-19 vaccine export control scheme

10:17 | 30/01/2021

The European Commission on Friday launched a scheme to monitor and in some cases bar exports of vaccines produced in ...

eu backtracks on restricting vaccines to northern ireland EU backtracks on restricting vaccines to Northern Ireland

10:09 | 30/01/2021

The EU backtracked Friday over threats to restrict vaccine exports to Northern Ireland after London voiced "grave concerns" over the ...

new covid 19 cases in thailand philippines stay high New COVID-19 cases in Thailand, Philippines stay high

09:47 | 30/01/2021

Hanoi - Thailand confirmed 802 new cases of coronavirus infection on January 29, with Samut Sakhon province still reporting hundreds ...

countries must respect vietnams sovereignty in east sea spokesperson Countries must respect Vietnam’s sovereignty in East Sea: spokesperson

09:05 | 30/01/2021

Vietnam demands that relevant countries respect its sovereignty, sovereign right and jurisdiction in the East Sea, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le ...

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