chinas covid 19 epicentre wuhan eases travel restrictions after lockdown China's COVID-19 epicentre Wuhan eases travel restrictions after lockdown

14:03 | 28/03/2020

The Chinese city of 11 million people that was Ground Zero for what became the global coronavirus pandemic partly reopened on Saturday (Mar 28), after more than two months of almost total isolation.

switzerland coronavirus cases top 10000 Switzerland coronavirus cases top 10,000

09:51 | 27/03/2020

Switzerland on Thursday (Mar 26) joined the small group of countries to declare more than 10,000 officially-recorded cases of COVID-19, ...

world leaders to hold crisis talks as covid 19 toll tops 21000 World leaders to hold crisis talks as COVID-19 toll tops 21,000

09:42 | 27/03/2020

World leaders are to hold online crisis talks Thursday (Mar 26) on the coronavirus pandemic that has forced three billion ...

fake cures risky rumours covid 19 misinformation hits home Fake cures, risky rumours: COVID-19 misinformation hits home

09:34 | 27/03/2020

From being duped into taking poisonous "cures", to watching businesses crumble and avoiding life-saving medication, people are suffering devastating real-world ...

more than 1000 us coronavirus deaths near 70000 cases More than 1,000 US coronavirus deaths, near 70,000 cases

13:00 | 26/03/2020

The number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus rose to 1,031 in the United States on Wednesday (Mar 25), ...

spain overtakes china covid 19 toll with 3434 deaths Spain overtakes China COVID-19 toll with 3,434 deaths

11:57 | 26/03/2020

Spain's coronavirus death toll overtook that of China on Wednesday (Mar 25), rising to 3,434 after 738 people died over ...

italian village where virus is deadlier than war Italian village where virus is deadlier than war

11:45 | 26/03/2020

VERTOVA, Italy: The obituaries posted on a board where the newspapers might otherwise hang tell the story of an Italian ...

covid 19 death toll passes 20000 three billion under lockdown COVID-19 death toll passes 20,000, three billion under lockdown

11:34 | 26/03/2020

More than 3 billion people around the world were living under lockdown on Wednesday (Mar 25) as governments stepped up ...

france coronavirus death toll jumps by 240 to 1100 France coronavirus death toll jumps by 240 to 1,100

10:31 | 25/03/2020

The coronavirus has killed another 240 people in France, the top French health official said on Tuesday (Mar 24), bringing ...

64 migrants found dead in cargo container in mozambique 64 migrants found dead in cargo container in Mozambique

10:18 | 25/03/2020

More than 60 suspected undocumented migrants from Ethiopia were found dead on Tuesday (Mar 24) in a cargo container in ...

financial times praises vietnams covid 19 offensive model Financial Times praises Vietnam’s COVID-19 offensive model

09:48 | 25/03/2020

Financial Times on March 24 ran an article praising Vietnam’s efforts in containing the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, saying ...

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