french police probe mosque attackers motive French police probe mosque attacker's motive

08:36 | 30/10/2019

French police were investigating Tuesday (Oct 29) the motives of an 84-year-old man with links to France's main far-right party who attacked a mosque and shot two men in their 70s, seriously wounding both.

indian toddler dies after three days stuck in well Indian toddler dies after three days stuck in well

15:09 | 29/10/2019

The body of a two-year-old toddler trapped 26m down a well in southern India for more than three days was ...

south korea ratifies britain fta ahead of brexit South Korea ratifies Britain FTA ahead of Brexit

15:02 | 29/10/2019

South Korea's parliament on Monday (Oct 28) ratified a trade deal between Seoul and London that will take effect automatically ...

merkel macron praise draghis european dream as ecb chief bows out Merkel, Macron praise Draghi's 'European dream' as ECB chief bows out

14:50 | 29/10/2019

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday (Oct 28) lauded Mario Draghi for defending "the European ...

67 year old becomes chinas oldest new mother 67-year-old becomes China's 'oldest new mother'

14:40 | 29/10/2019

A 67-year-old woman has given birth in China, a hospital said Monday (Oct 28), with the parents claiming they are ...

north korea warns us not to exploit close trump kim ties North Korea warns US not to exploit 'close' Trump-Kim ties

09:25 | 28/10/2019

North Korea said on Sunday (Oct 27) the United States must not exploit the "close personal relations" between Kim Jong ...

thousands rally in catalan counter protest Thousands rally in Catalan counter-protest

09:20 | 28/10/2019

Tens of thousands of people marched on Sunday (Oct 27) for Spanish unity, staging a counter-rally in Barcelona a day ...

vietnam police take dna from relatives of suspected uk truck victims Vietnam police take DNA from relatives of suspected UK truck victims

09:12 | 28/10/2019

Vietnamese officials collected DNA samples on Sunday (Oct 27) from relatives of those feared among 39 people found dead in ...

millions face power cuts as california fires spread Millions face power cuts as California fires spread

10:17 | 27/10/2019

Californian officials warned Saturday (Oct 26) that "extreme" wind conditions were set to fan wildfires across the north of the ...

stinking ponyfish blanket thai tourist beach Stinking ponyfish blanket Thai tourist beach

10:02 | 27/10/2019

Hundreds of dead fish washed ashore on a luxury tourist resort on Thailand's south coast, officials said Saturday (Oct 26), ...

amazon river dolphins threatened by mercury pollution Amazon river dolphins threatened by mercury pollution

09:41 | 25/10/2019

Amazon river dolphins are showing alarming levels of contamination mainly because of illegal panning for gold, conservationists say.

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