at least 71 killed dozens injured after train fire in pakistan caused by cooking accident At least 71 killed, dozens injured after train fire in Pakistan caused by cooking accident

17:05 | 31/10/2019

At least 71 people were killed and dozens injured after cooking gas cylinders exploded on a passenger train in central Pakistan on Thursday (Oct 31), authorities said.

new ecb chief lagarde criticises germany for low spending New ECB chief Lagarde criticises Germany for low spending

16:53 | 31/10/2019

Incoming European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde on Wednesday (Oct 30) took aim at Germany and other thrifty eurozone members ...

at least 5 dead hotel collapses after strong quake hits southern philippines At least 5 dead, hotel collapses after strong quake hits southern Philippines

16:46 | 31/10/2019

A powerful earthquake struck central Mindanao in the southern Philippines on Thursday (Oct 31), killing at least five people and ...

frenchman 84 charged over mosque attack Frenchman, 84, charged over mosque attack

10:11 | 31/10/2019

An octogenarian accused of wounding two men in a shooting at a mosque in southern France has been charged and ...

japan beer exports to south korea down 999 over boycott Japan beer exports to South Korea down 99.9% over boycott

09:51 | 31/10/2019

Exports of beer from Japan to South Korea fell 99.9 percent year-on-year in September, Japan's finance ministry said Wednesday (Oct ...

world unprepared for impact of climate change on mountain water supplies experts World unprepared for impact of climate change on mountain water supplies: Experts

08:49 | 30/10/2019

The world faces increased flooding, droughts and possible conflicts due to the effects of climate change on fresh water supplies ...

french police probe mosque attackers motive French police probe mosque attacker's motive

08:36 | 30/10/2019

French police were investigating Tuesday (Oct 29) the motives of an 84-year-old man with links to France's main far-right party ...

indian toddler dies after three days stuck in well Indian toddler dies after three days stuck in well

15:09 | 29/10/2019

The body of a two-year-old toddler trapped 26m down a well in southern India for more than three days was ...

south korea ratifies britain fta ahead of brexit South Korea ratifies Britain FTA ahead of Brexit

15:02 | 29/10/2019

South Korea's parliament on Monday (Oct 28) ratified a trade deal between Seoul and London that will take effect automatically ...

merkel macron praise draghis european dream as ecb chief bows out Merkel, Macron praise Draghi's 'European dream' as ECB chief bows out

14:50 | 29/10/2019

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday (Oct 28) lauded Mario Draghi for defending "the European ...

67 year old becomes chinas oldest new mother 67-year-old becomes China's 'oldest new mother'

14:40 | 29/10/2019

A 67-year-old woman has given birth in China, a hospital said Monday (Oct 28), with the parents claiming they are ...

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