japan seizes record 400kg of cocaine at port Japan seizes record 400kg of cocaine at port

11:31 | 08/11/2019

Japanese authorities have seized a record-breaking 400kg of cocaine worth an estimated US$73 million in a bust at a port in the city of Kobe, a customs spokesman said Friday (Nov 8).

dozens of endangered turtles disappear from japan zoo Dozens of endangered turtles disappear from Japan zoo

09:42 | 08/11/2019

More than 60 endangered turtles have disappeared from a zoo in Japan's southernmost province in a suspected theft, officials said ...

us laboratory identifies rare new hiv strain US laboratory identifies rare new HIV strain

09:13 | 08/11/2019

A US healthcare company has identified a new subtype of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and said the finding showed ...

four tourists among eight wounded in jordan stabbing Four tourists among eight wounded in Jordan stabbing

10:37 | 07/11/2019

Eight people, including four tourists, were wounded in a knife attack on Wednesday (Nov 6) at the famed archaeological site ...

brazil oil auction raises disappointing us 17 billion official Brazil oil auction raises disappointing US$17 billion: Official

10:13 | 07/11/2019

Brazil's auction of drilling rights to four deep-sea oil fields raised a disappointing US$17 billion on Wednesday (Nov 6), officials ...

singapore imports 17 million bottles of water from malaysia monthly masagos Singapore imports 17 million bottles of water from Malaysia monthly: Masagos

15:09 | 06/11/2019

Singapore imports about 17 million bottles of water per month from Malaysia alone, Mr Masagos Zulkifli said on Monday (Nov ...

us china trade war hurting both countries un US-China trade war 'hurting both countries': UN

11:26 | 06/11/2019

The ongoing trade war between the United States and China is harming both economies, the UN said on Tuesday (Nov ...

flames and fireworks as myanmar fire balloon fest opens Flames and fireworks as Myanmar fire balloon fest opens

09:19 | 06/11/2019

The gigantic hot air balloon folded into itself and fell in a ball of flames, scattering onlookers below at the ...

35th asean summit concludes vietnam assumes chairmanship 35th ASEAN Summit concludes, Vietnam assumes chairmanship

11:21 | 05/11/2019

Ceremonies were held in Bangkok on November 4 evening to wrap up the 35th ASEAN Summit and related summits and ...

sombre mood as germany marks 30 years of berlin wall fall Sombre mood as Germany marks 30 years of Berlin Wall fall 1

09:52 | 05/11/2019

Germany marks three decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall this week, but a hint of a return of ...

graffiti speak volumes in chiles protest crisis Graffiti speak volumes in Chile's protest crisis

09:48 | 05/11/2019

A visitor wondering what the deadly unrest in Chile is about can learn a lot from the graffiti that has ...

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