egypts sisi calls deadly car blast terrorist incident Egypt's Sisi calls deadly car blast 'terrorist incident'

09:48 | 06/08/2019

A huge explosion caused by a speeding car in central Cairo overnight, killing at least 20 people, was a "terrorist incident," Egypt's president said on Monday (Aug 5).

walmart to keep selling guns despite recent shootings at its stores Walmart to keep selling guns despite recent shootings at its stores

17:02 | 05/08/2019

Despite two deadly shootings at its stores in less than a week, American retail giant Walmart has no plans to ...

after shootings under fire trump says hate has no place in us After shootings, under-fire Trump says 'hate has no place' in US

09:13 | 05/08/2019

An under-fire President Donald Trump said on Sunday (Aug 4) that "hate has no place" in the United States after ...

more than 100 flights cancelled at hong kong airport More than 100 flights cancelled at Hong Kong airport

09:03 | 05/08/2019

Flights were cancelled at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) on Monday (Aug 5) as protesters in the city disrupted transportation ...

gunman kills 20 at texas walmart store in latest us mass shooting Gunman kills 20 at Texas Walmart store in latest US mass shooting

17:39 | 04/08/2019

A gunman armed with an assault rifle killed 20 people and wounded 26 on Saturday (Aug 3) when he opened ...

french flyboard inventor poised for 2nd channel crossing bid French 'Flyboard' inventor poised for 2nd Channel crossing bid

16:00 | 04/08/2019

A Frenchman who has spent years developing a jet-powered hoverboard will again try to zoom across the English Channel on ...

two suspects arrested after bomb blasts in bangkok during asean summit Two suspects arrested after bomb blasts in Bangkok during ASEAN summit

15:33 | 03/08/2019

Two men from Thailand's insurgency-hit "Deep South" have been arrested in connection to the bomb attacks in Bangkok on Friday ...

vietnam attends 12th lmi ministerial meeting in thailand Vietnam attends 12th LMI Ministerial Meeting in Thailand

09:32 | 03/08/2019

The 12th Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Ministerial Meeting took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 1, on the sidelines of ...

six bombs explode in bangkok as city hosts major security summit Six bombs explode in Bangkok as city hosts major security summit

09:04 | 03/08/2019

Six small bombs exploded at three locations in Bangkok on Friday (Aug 2), injuring four people and rattling the Thai ...

pilot of firefighting plane dies in france Pilot of firefighting plane dies in France

08:57 | 03/08/2019

The pilot of a firefighting plane died Friday (Aug 2) when his aircraft crashed while trying to put out a ...

us to slap 10 tariff on another us 300b in chinese goods US to slap 10% tariff on another US$300b in Chinese goods

14:19 | 02/08/2019

President Donald Trump announced on Thursday (Aug 1) he will hit China with punitive tariffs on another US$300 billion in ...

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