fulfilling major roles in the international arena Fulfilling major roles in the international arena

09:44 | 10/06/2019

Vietnam has been chosen to be a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the tenure of 2020-2021.

vietnam elected for major un role Vietnam elected for major UN role

08:00 | 10/06/2019

With growing global prestige and a wish to contribute further to the international community, Vietnam has won a seat on ...

eu states adopt panda bonds in chinese outreach EU states adopt 'panda bonds' in Chinese outreach

06:53 | 10/06/2019

EU members Hungary, Poland, Portugal and soon Austria are strengthening ties with China by issuing attractive "panda bonds" that help ...

4 dead in shootout between rival indian political parties 4 dead in shootout between rival Indian political parties

06:25 | 10/06/2019

Three supporters of India's ruling right-wing party and another from a rival regional party have been killed in a gun ...

violence breaks out as police try to clear hong kong protesters Violence breaks out as police try to clear Hong Kong protesters

06:21 | 10/06/2019

Police fought with protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday (Jun 9) night, using batons and pepper spray as they tried ...

dubai bus crash kills 17 including 12 indians Dubai bus crash kills 17, including 12 Indians

10:02 | 08/06/2019

Twelve Indians were among 17 people who were killed in Dubai when their bus crashed into a road sign after ...

estonia vietnam among five elected to un security council Estonia, Vietnam among five elected to UN Security Council

09:32 | 08/06/2019

Estonia, Niger, Tunisia, Vietnam and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were elected to the UN Security Council on Friday (Jun ...

gas surges globally as green groups cry foul Gas surges globally as green groups cry foul

09:19 | 08/06/2019

2018 was a "golden year" for natural gas with demand surging worldwide, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said Friday (Jun ...

putin slams attempts to push huawei from global markets Putin slams attempts to 'push' Huawei from global markets

09:07 | 08/06/2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday (Jun 7) slammed US moves against Chinese tech giant Huawei, which has signed a ...

australian police seize largest haul of ice worth us 840 million Australian police seize largest haul of Ice worth US$840 million

15:43 | 07/06/2019

Australian police have seized a record US$840 million worth of the drug Ice hidden in stereo speakers shipped from Thailand, ...

driver charged over fatal taiwan train derailment Driver charged over fatal Taiwan train derailment

09:49 | 07/06/2019

A Taiwanese train driver was charged with negligent homicide on Thursday (Jun 6) over a derailment last year that killed ...

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