co2 levels hit historic high CO2 levels hit historic high

11:39 | 14/05/2019

Scientists in the United States have detected the highest levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere since records began, sounding new alarm over the relentless rise of man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

vietnam keen to boost comprehensive relations with bhutan pm Vietnam keen to boost comprehensive relations with Bhutan: PM

16:13 | 13/05/2019

Vietnam wants to promote comprehensive relations with Bhutan, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said at a reception for visiting Chairman ...

merkels preferred successor says wont seek post before 2021 Merkel's preferred successor says won't seek post before 2021

10:21 | 13/05/2019

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's preferred successor, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, said Sunday (May 12) that she would not seek the top job ...

new nepalese ties via uns vesak day New Nepalese ties via UN’s Vesak day

By Thanh Thu 08:58 | 13/05/2019

While celebrating the 16th United Nations Day of Vesak this week, Vietnam welcomes many leaders and officials from many nations, ...

meat based alternatives gain new popularity Meat-based alternatives gain new popularity

17:41 | 12/05/2019

From Burger King's introduction of a vegetarian version of its uber-popular Whopper burger to the much-celebrated Wall Street entry of ...

un chief says world not on track with climate change UN chief says world 'not on track' with climate change

17:16 | 12/05/2019

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres launched a brief South Pacific tour in New Zealand Sunday (May 12), warning the ...

hong kong to cull 6000 pigs as first swine fever case found Hong Kong to cull 6,000 pigs as first swine fever case found

10:55 | 11/05/2019

Hong Kong will cull 6,000 pigs after African swine fever was detected in an animal at a slaughterhouse close to ...

four dead 29 injured in colombian factory explosion Four dead, 29 injured in Colombian factory explosion

10:21 | 11/05/2019

Four people died and 29 were injured, including 17 children, following an explosion at a factory where gunpowder is handled ...

economic model transformation needed un climate envoy Economic model 'transformation' needed: UN climate envoy

10:18 | 11/05/2019

A dramatic transformation of the global economic model will be necessary if the world truly wants to tackle the problem ...

us china trade talks resume trump says deal still possible US-China trade talks resume, Trump says deal still 'possible'

15:39 | 10/05/2019

US and Chinese officials returned to the bargaining table late on Thursday (May 9) amid a sudden flare-up in hostilities, ...

eu unveils 10 point blueprint for post brexit future EU unveils 10-point blueprint for post-Brexit future

10:25 | 10/05/2019

European leaders revealed a broad-brush statement of principles to guide them into the post-Brexit future on Thursday (May 9), promising ...

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