sweden naive about integration ex peshmerga swedish mp Sweden 'naive' about integration: Ex-Peshmerga Swedish MP

12:13 | 09/09/2018

Sweden's "naive" approach to integrating asylum seekers has opened the door to the far-right, an outspoken lawmaker told AFP ahead of elections expected to see the country's once-marginal anti-immigration party make gains.

us foreign policy a tug of war between trump staff US foreign policy a tug of war between Trump, staff

12:16 | 08/09/2018

A secret "resistance" is working from within to cushion the United States from Donald Trump's worst instincts, according to damning ...

climate negotiator warns world out of time to save islands Climate negotiator warns world 'out of time' to save islands

10:54 | 08/09/2018

Island nations like Fiji and the Maldives are almost at the "point of no return" because of rising sea levels, ...

trump signals nuclear talks with north korea still alive Trump signals nuclear talks with North Korea still alive

16:47 | 07/09/2018

US President Donald Trump pledged on Thursday (Sep 6) to complete a deal on denuclearising the Korean peninsula together with ...

paris official seeks to outlaw airbnb rentals in city centre Paris official seeks to outlaw Airbnb rentals in city centre

09:57 | 07/09/2018

The Paris city council member in charge of housing said Thursday (Sep 6) that he would propose outlawing home rentals ...

capsule housing project sparks outrage in spain Capsule housing' project sparks outrage in Spain

09:47 | 07/09/2018

A Barcelona company sparked outrage in Spain on Thursday (Sep 6) with a plan to rent tiny pods where low ...

four dead including gunman in us bank shooting Four dead, including gunman, in US bank shooting

09:33 | 07/09/2018

A gunman opened fire in a bank building in the US city of Cincinnati on Thursday (Sep 6), killing three ...

japan confirms first fukushima worker death from radiation Japan confirms first Fukushima worker death from radiation

16:03 | 06/09/2018

Japan has announced for the first time that a worker at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has died after being ...

japans kansai airport to reopen partially after typhoon damage Japan's Kansai airport to reopen partially after typhoon damage

15:45 | 06/09/2018

Japan's Kansai airport will reopen partially on Friday, the government said Thursday (Sep 6), after a massive typhoon flooded parts ...

uk cops track movements of novichok suspects UK cops track movements of Novichok suspects

09:44 | 06/09/2018

British detectives on Wednesday (Sep 5) released the painstakingly-pieced together movements and methodology of two Russians suspected of trying to ...

seven dead as strongest typhoon in quarter century batters japan Seven dead as strongest typhoon in quarter century batters Japan

09:31 | 06/09/2018

The strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years battered the west of the country on Tuesday (Sep 4) with ...

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