World Cup Fever at ORFARM

14:00 | 10/06/2014
World Cup is a great chance to celebrate and catch the excitement live telecast with your family and friends.

To host this fever, ORFARM, the Vietnam's First Organic Brand certificated by Japan's EMRO qualification, presents a lot of special gifts to all customers from 6.30 am on June 12 to 9.30pm on June 15, 2014.

Let come to ORFARM showroom at 72 Tran Dang Ninh, Cau Giay dist., Hanoi or call Hotline: 091 883 6911 for FREE DELIVERY all kinds of safety organic food and vegetables. Let tickle your taste buds, enjoy beer and delightful selections of gifted cold meat, including ORFARM Organic Sausages, Organic Klobasa, Organic pork pie, Organic squash and Global Gap salad vegetables while engaging in serious football frenzy.

Accordingly, you will get Free 5 organic sausages or organic klobasa for each VND300.000 bill; Get Free 10 organic sausages or organic klobasa for each VND600.000 bill, and Get Free Three (03) packs of organic sausages, organic klobasa,  Organic squash or Global Gap salad vegetables for each bill over VND1million. 

All products with label of ORFARM are grown and bred accordance with the eco-friendly technology of Japan's EMRO trademark - the EM technology™ (Effective Microorganism) which bases on the idea of coexistence with native and originally-dominant microorganisms, not exclusion of them. EM technology has no adverse effects on and is beneficial to plants, animals, and humans.

ORFARM products are ensured to produce according to the three main criteria: Non waste, Non insecticide, No Stimulus and Harmful Chemicals.

Currently ORFARM showroom provides such organic products as: Organic pork, Organic fish, Organic chicken, Organic eggs, Organic and Global Gap vegetables, Organic cold dishes, including Orfarm's Jambon, Klobasa, Salami, Sausages, Bacon, etc. processed in high-tech production line in authentic European styles as well as variety of high-quality imported US beef, Norway salmon, Canadian cod, Italian olive and spices, etc. 

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