Workers at Great Global International refuse stinking meal

13:00 | 27/03/2019
Nearly 1,200 workers refused to eat their lunch at Taiwanese textile company Great Global International due to the strange smell of the food.
workers at great global international refuse stinking meal
Several packages of frozen chicken were carried outside from the kitchen of Great Global International

Several days ago, on March 26, 2019, around 1,200 workers of Great Global International in Gian Khau Industrial Zone in the northern province of Ninh Binh refused to touch their lunch in protest after suspicions arose that the cooks used stinking chicken and cooking oil and spices of unknown origin.

According to, at this incident, around 1,200 workers of total 1,880 lunch registrar have ignored their lunch.

The workers went to the kitchen to check the food and spices, and found that the spices were held in large containers without any labelling. Meanwhile, they detected that several packages of frozen-chicken were being carried away from the kitchen in haste. They held the packages back to be checked by the authorities.

In the afternoon of March 26, the Ninh Binh Department of Food Safety and Hygiene arrived to the site to check documents and invoices related to the food and spices of EOC Vietnam Co., Ltd., which supplies the meals for Great Global International's workers, as well as took samples of the meals, cooking oil, and spices for testing.

workers at great global international refuse stinking meal
Thousands of Great Global International's workers ignored the lunch in protest

Addressing the incident, chef Dong Van Su confirmed that the cooking oil and spices used for the meals were produced by Miwon and Freda. "The reason the frozen chicken was carried outside is that the food collectors mistook the defrosted chicken for the next lunch with the leftovers to be disposed of," he said, claiming that the meat was completely fine, even though he could not provide invoices or documents.

The kitchen of Great Global International, where EOC Vietnam supplies food and spices, prepares around 2,200 meals a day valued at VND15,000 ($0.65).

The representative of the Ninh Binh Department of Food Safety and Hygiene said that the test results would be announced within the next few days.

Meanwhile, Great Global International also promised to compensate workers to the value of the meal, as well as recorded workers' comments to improve the quality of the meals, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

By Nguyen Huong

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