Ways to reward great employees besides money

08:30 | 11/06/2014
Great employees need motivation but money isn’t always the answer. Here are five non-monetary ways to get your team moving.

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-  Say thank you. Achievers thrive not only on their accomplishments, but also want to feel appreciated for what they contribute. Anyone who shows improvement, solves a problem, or exceeds a target is justifiably proud of what they have accomplished.

They want to know that you are proud, too, and that you appreciate their effort. Public recognition through awards and acknowledgement helps them understand they are valued on the team.  It is easy to send a brief thank you email or make mention at a weekly meeting with a personal comment on their accomplishment and why it matters. A public awards wall with noticeable achievements rewards those who excel and motivates those who are looking to be recognised.

-  Empower them. Achievers want responsibility. But it can be really hard for a leader to step back and let their people fly solo. It is especially tempting to rush in when they start to stumble or stray off the path.

But most people learn more from their failures then they do successes. Empower your best employees so they can act on their own. If you construct your processes to allow for limited failure, smart employees will step up with creative solutions and learn along the way. Create ways for your people to test their skills safely, without threatening the team or company’s prospects. This will relieve you of the pressure to come to the rescue and short circuit the process.

-  Help them grow. Some people are perfectly willing to stay in the same position doing the same work for 20 years - their bliss is not in the office. But if your people are showing signs of boredom, fatigue and dissatisfaction, they are definitely in need of stimulation.

They want the opportunity to push themselves, test their own limits, and see what they can accomplish. Give them ways to grow personally and professionally at work. Personal and professional training programmes are consistently rated as the most valuable reward high achievers value from their employers. Taking an active interest in someone’s personal growth is a thoughtful way. Budget time and resources to make sure each employee grows to their full potential so everyone will see beneficial results.

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