Wallonie promises funds

09:39 | 16/04/2013
Wallonie, the predominantly French-speaking southern region of Belgium, will provide a grant of EUR4.5 million for 28 projects in Vietnam during 2013-2015 period.

These funds will be directed to eight fields, including teaching French language (five projects, communications (four projects), cultural diversity (two projects), human resources (five projects), healthcare (two projects), technical and vocational training (two projects), renovation and scientific research (five projects) and training in the environmental sector (three projects).   

Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh said in a meeting in Hanoi last week with Rudy Demotte, Minister-President of Wallonia and Belgium’s French-speaking community, that the two sides would have technical cooperation. The projects were described as small in scale, but  very practical to Vietnam, particularly in the current context.

Among the 28 projects, three most typical projects are logistics project, education and training project, and medical treatment training.

“We are satisfied with results of cooperative projects between Vietnamese and Wallonia-Bruxelles over the past time,” Demotte said. “The Belgian side is willing to share its experience and transfer technology to its Vietnamese partners.”

Cooperative orientations for 2013-2015 will continue to focus on fields of strength, prioritizing sustainable development, healthcare, enhancing capacity in law sector and French language, gender equality, communication and mass media, he added.

At the meeting, the two ministers agreed to promote partnership relations between the private sector,  civil authority institutions and universities.

Wallonie’s industrial and technology projects such as IBA (a machine to detect cancer quickly), AMB (treating medical waste) and Spacebel (manufacturing small sattlites) were also discussed at the meeting.       

By Kieu Linh


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