VWS provides training to Vietnamese drivers to operate new garage truck models

15:59 | 17/01/2019
Vietnam Waste Solutions (VWS) has organised a training course on the use and operation of new garbage truck model meeting US standards.
vws provides training to vietnamese drivers to operate new garage truck models
VWS provides instruction for Vietnamese drivers how to use the new garbage trucks

The course is taking place at Da Phuoc Solid Waste Treatment Complex from January 16 to 18 to provide training for 16 drivers from Ho Chi Minh City, Long An and Kien Giang. Three experts from automaker Peterbilt are Tim Lopez; Rick Mertens and Scott Simpson while expert Sanel Krivdic is from McNeilus. The experts have provided guidance on the use, operation, inspection and maintenance of new garbage trucks imported by VWS in late 2018.

Tim Lopez, Peterbilt’s expert said that the trucks use clean, compressed natural gas (CNG) so it is important to ensure the safety in operation and maintenance schedules according to regulations.

After the course, the drivers will be responsible for operating new garbage trucks in three localities. Specifically, VWS has granted two garbage trucks to Ho Chi Minh City, two trucks for Long An and two trucks for Kien Giang.

According to David Duong, president and CEO of VWS, the company does not operate in the field of garbage collection and transportation. As most of garbage trucks in Vietnam are obsolete, in addition to generating polluted leachate. To improve this situation, VWS has granted some new garbage truck models to Ho Chi Minh City, Long An and Kien Giang.

Before importing new garbage trucks from the US to Vietnam, VWS also invited American experts in the field to conduct a feasibility study in the country. Based on the research results, the company has joined forces with several suppliers to develop the specialised trucks tailored to suit the Vietnamese market.

The garbage trucks were manufactured in 2017 with some special features. The trucks boast 360-degree cameras to help drivers monitor the surrounding area and avoid obstacles on the road. The trucks are surrounded with a shield to avoid collision with motorcycles. The trunk was also enlarged to carry up to 10 tonnes of garbage.

Waste in Vietnam mainly contain organic garbage that will decompose quickly and discharge odour and leachate. Therefore, the vehicle frame of the trucks were coated with anti-corrosion metal, while there are two containers for leachate on both sides of the truck to avoid leaking on the streets. The trucks are equipped with an automatic wheel wash system for pleasant scent when the driver puts on the brake at collection points or traffic lights. The vehicles are also cleaned weekly to protect environment like garbage trucks in the US.

The main benefit of the new model is that it uses clean CNG to reduce toxic pollutants for the environment. It is estimated that there are thousand trips carrying garbage to the city’s landfills every day. VWS in particular receives over 650 garbage trucks daily. These trucks using diesel fuel not only create more emissions but also release polluted leachate.

“VWS would like build customized trucks using CNG to Vietnam with a view to contributing to improving environmental pollution and traffic safety. I hope that these new garbage trucks will leave good impression on the local and foreign tourists in Ho Chi Minh City,” he said.

He also called for Vietnamese automakers to cooperate with foreign companies to produce customized garbage trucks for Vietnam and exports. The new garbage truck model cost around $500,000 as it is designed to adapt to the conditions of Vietnam.

vws provides training to vietnamese drivers to operate new garage truck models
The new garbage trucks use compressed natural gas to reduce emissions
vws provides training to vietnamese drivers to operate new garage truck models
The new garbaged trucks are environmentally friendly and safe to use in Vietnam

By Thanh Van

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