Vinhomes Central Park attractive to foreigners

14:25 | 04/07/2015
112 visitors out of more than 400 registered to buy apartments from Vinhomes Central Park launching ceremony on July 1.

The launching was taken right at the first day after the revised Housing Law put into operation.

Those 112 apartments were registered within 120 minutes only has shown the high interest from foreigners to the real estate market of Vietnam.

The events were announced to customers four days before it started but the high number of visitors had shown the immediate reflection of the revised Housing law and the attraction of Vinhomes Central Park to foreigners.

The good feedback of Vinhomes Central Park right at the first day when the revised Housing Law to expand rights for foreigner to have house ownership in Vietnam put into operation brought about a more positive wind to the real estate market.

However real estate experts expressed their carefulness to this movement.

“The good reflection from Vinhomes Central Park was caused from the fact that the project has many advantages compared to other projects and can fully meet the high demand of foreigners,” commented an expert.

Among those, he said, the project has a central venue in Ho Chi Minh City with good access and infrastructure system.

Apart from that, Vinhomes Central Park is one of only some projects in Vietnam which have green space and river view.

“The first sign is very positive however the number of projects which have facilities enough to satisfy the foreigners’ demand is limited,” he said.

In Vinhomes Central Park, the developer has reserved as low as 15.77 only per cent for construction facilities.

With the designed illustrated from the famous Central Park New York, the developer had also reserved 14 hectares Vinhomes Central Park for garden and add a luxury marina and a 81 storey building – the highest building so far in Vietnam to the project.

Apart from large space of garden, for many foreigners, Vinhomes Central Park was exclusively attracted by its high living standard like those in developed countries.

According John Henry, a foreigner who had just registered to buy an apartment from Vinhomes Central Park, this project was the only one up to now had completed infrastructure facility system with international hospital, school, sport, garden and trading centre.

“Especially the project was zoned with high-end living standard and open to nature. These are two most things convinced me to live here,” Henry said.

Another thing to attract foreigners to this project, according to experts, was the prestige of the developer.

Although Vinhomes Central Park is the first project of Vingroup in Ho Chi Minh City the group’s name has been confirmed from a range of residential projects in Hanoi such as  Vinhomes Riverside, Times City and Royal City.

“In Vinhomes Royal City, Vinhomes Times City and Vinhomes Riverside in Hanoi, Vingroup has been always keeping its high quality and good legal condition to buyers. These are foundations for us to believe that Vinhomes Central Park will well inherited the famous brand name of Vinhomes,” said Richard Nguyen, another buyer of the project.

By By Bich Ngoc

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