VinFast car registers, ready to sell out next month

10:17 | 28/05/2019
On May 20 VinFast started roadtesting its 58 Lux and Fadil cars in Vietnam to ensure they fit the bill in all climatic, topographic, traffic, and driving circumstances.

Recently, people saw a VinFast Lux SA2.0 in the yard of Vietnam Register. It is likely that this Lux SA2.0 was sent to register and is undergoing inspections before being launched for sale on the market.

vinfast car registers ready to sell out next month
The VinFast Lux SA2.0 at the Vietnam Register (source:

Meanwhile, the other VinFast Lux SA2.0 and A2.0 models are still being tested throughout the country. The vehicles leave the factory in Haiphong, go to Hanoi, and then move to the south to check their real performance.

Currently, the commercial version of the cars is not fully ready yet, thus, the models arriving to the market may be different in some features. However, the main parts such as the chassis, engine, and gearbox seem to be finalised already. The VinFast cars undergoing road tests and the one in the Vietnam Register had stamps certifying the fuel consumption on the rear window and were equipped with a temporary license plate.

The roadtests take 176 to 350 kilometre and are conducted by Magna Steyr, the leading brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner for original equipment manufacturing from Austria. Magna Steyr tests the cars in urban areas, suburbs, highways, as well as different terrains such as steep mountain roads, bumpy, sandy, and flooded roads in common and less favourable conditions such as intense sunshine, fog, heavy rain, or thunderstorms.

vinfast car registers ready to sell out next month
A VinFast car undergoing test runs (source:

In the first phase, VinFast will check and adjust the air conditioning system (HVAC), by moving the vehicles in hot, humid, rainy weather, both day and night. The data collected during the test-drive process will be recorded by experts and will include the temperature difference between the car interior and outside, noting the passenger and driver experience.

In the second phase, VinFast will test the vehicles on actual roads to see how they perform on different terrains, weather conditions, and how they react to different driving styles, checking the durability and the features of the vehicle under different operating conditions.

The overall inspection process will improve the quality and features of VinFast cars, ensuring that they offer the best quality and are the most suitable for customers in Vietnam.

Previously, since March 20, VinFast took its vehicles to 14 countries on four continents for quality and safety testing.

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