VinFast and Vespa crack open electric motorcycle segment

16:13 | 06/11/2018
Both VinFast and Vespa have come out with spectacular new electric motorcycle models to green out the roads with style – at very different prices.
vinfast and vespa crack open electric motorcycle segment
VinFast to buy electric motorcycles and automobile without profit

VinFast officially issued the decision to apply the “Three No” policy ­– no depreciation charge, no financial charge, and no profit –­ for its electric automobiles and motorcycles, while simultaneously adding the discount on Klara electric motorcycles.

Notably, at the beginning all electric automobiles and motorcycles will enjoy the “Three No” policy.

At the same time, Klara electric motorcycled will also be offered at a discount (see details in the chart below).


Selling price with “Three No” policy

Selling price with “Three No” policy and special incentive

(The first batch)

Selling price with “Three No” policy and special incentive

(The next batches)

Lithium-ion battery

VND57 million

VND35 million

VND39.9 million

Lead-acid batteries

VND34 million

VND21 million

VND25 million

“With the “Three No” policy, VinFast accepts to sell products without profit to help customers enjoy “Made in Vietnam” products of international standards. Especially, with the electric motorcycle model, VinFast is willing to offer a discount of 40 per cent at the beginning so that these products can achieve larger market coverage,” said Le Thi Thu Thuy, chairwoman of VinFast.

Along with the price incentives, VinFast will support customers by constructing charging stations and providing warranty as well as maintenance services.

In a related move, on October 8, Vespa officially began the online sales of its electric motorcycle model named Vespa Elettrica. Accordingly, the first exclusive models of the Vespa Elettrica can be booked from October 8 until November.

The Vespa Elettrica is a contemporary icon of Italian technology, a synonym for advanced connectivity and silence, personalization, and accessibility, respect for the environment, and style. These values have always characterised Vespa and are fully implemented again today in the Vespa Elettrica, confirming Vespa as a pioneering brand on the market.

vinfast and vespa crack open electric motorcycle segment
Vespa Elettrica

With a power unit delivering top power of 4 kW, assisted by the dynamic performance typical to electric engines, Vespa Elettrica outshines a traditional 50cc scooter, particularly in acceleration and hill starts.

It guarantees easy, agile, and enjoyable riding on city roads, even at very low speeds in congested urban traffic, with the added benefits of absolute silence and the absence of vibration, helping to make cities less chaotic and more liveable by avoiding both air and sound pollution.

Vespa Elettrica has a maximum range of 100km, a value that changes little between urban and extra-urban environments thanks to the scooter’s modern lithium ion battery and efficient kinetic energy recovery system, which recharges the battery during deceleration. To recharge the battery, the rider simply plugs the cable located in the compartment below the saddle into a normal electric wall socket or into one of the recharging points that are becoming a common sight in today's cities. A complete recharge normally takes 4 hours.

Vespa Elettrica is available in the main Eurozone countries at a price of €6,390 ($7,300) or alternatively through a new purchasing solution based on monthly payments of €99 ($113).

According to the plan, Vespa Elettrica will be launched in Asia and the US in 2019.

By Ha Vy

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