Viettel deploys largest OCS system ever

10:41 | 05/06/2017
On June 1, 2017, Viettel Corporation announced the successful implementation of its third online billing system named vOCS.
Viettel deploys largest OCS system ever
A purely Vietnamese development, vOCS 3.0 is running laps around other systems

After six years of development, braving multiple failures in the testing procedure, Viettel officially finished its new vOCS system version 3.0 and put it into operation successfully. Within six months, Viettel managed to transfer 90 million subscribers to the new billing system.

Viettel’s new vOCS 3.0 can manage up to 24 million subscribers per site, which is double the capacity of the world’s current largest billing system. In addition, vOCS 3.0 is designed to be fully customisable for each subscriber, a function entirely unique for the product. Thanks to its self-developed vOCS system, Viettel has saved more than $70 million on investment costs.

Currently, vOCS 3.0 is operational in six countries, including Timor Leste, Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania, Peru, and Vietnam, and is used by 140 million subscribers. In the future, Viettel will start deploying the system to every market that the corporation has invested in. Furthermore, vOCS 3.0 was designed to be licensed to other phone carriers around the world.

OCS is the centre of every phone network, as it contains the entire database of real-time user fees, business policies, as well as products and services of each telecom operator. Currently, there are 20 providers of real-time billing systems in the world, with Amdocs, Ericsson, and Huawei being the largest ones.

Therefore, the successful launch of Viettel’s new OCS system for the 90 million subscribers in Vietnam and the total 140 million in six countries, forges the path for the Vietnamese company to become one of the largest OCS providers worldwide.

Viettel deploys largest OCS system ever
Viettel's vOCS 3.0 doubles the capacity of the previous largest OCS system, while only requiring one-tenth of the workforce to manage it

Acording to Nguyen Dinh Chien, vice president of Viettel’s Research and Development Department, information security is one of the biggest concerns in the world.

As one of Vietnam’s biggest telecommunication corporations, Viettel is determined to take responsibility in developing and manufacturing a communications network infrastructure which ensures the safety of information and the cyberspace. 30 per cent of network facilities in Vietnam are currently developed by Viettel, and the corporation aims to operates 100 per cent of its network using its self-developed facilities by 2020.

Viettel wants to make Vietnam one of the three largest telecommunications equipment providers in the world.

Recently, IT World Awards gave the silver medal to vOCS 3.0 in the most innovative IT products category. The awards ceremony will be held on June 26, 2017 in San Francisco.

What is vOCS?

OCS (Online Charging System) enables service operators to provide real-time billing services for users of 2G, 3G, 4G, and PSTN/ADLS/FTTH networks on all smart devices, including M2M solutions and V2V for electricity, water, and traffic systems.

In addition, OCS supports network carriers in managing, setting up, processing, and archiving billing operations, setting up plans for all services, such as voice calls, internet data, SMS, VAS, etc. OCS is embedded in the network business and is considered by many carriers to be the heart of operations in solving billing problems and increasing business agility, which further builds the network’s competitiveness.

vOCS was built in 2011 by Viettel Corporation’s team of 20 engineers and was developed in three stages. Stage 1 of the system could manage one million subscribers per site and stage 2 raised the amount to two million. The final stage, version 3.0, can manage 24 million subscribers per site, the largest system capacity in the world at the moment, surpassing the previous number one system that can manage up to 12 million users.

In addition to having the largest capacity, Viettel’s vOCS 3.0 features the unique function of allowing users to create their own separated plans. The time to deploy the system was shortened from 12 to only 3-4 months, and the system only needs to be operated by five engineers instead of the 50 as before.

Viettel’s Network Technology Research Centre (VTTEK), the research and development unit of vOCS 3.0, currently employs 30 engineers, 80 per cent of whom are under 30 years of age.


By By Phuong Nguyen

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