Vietnam’s coronavirus therapeutic regimen on par with the world  

10:52 | 06/02/2020
The therapeutic regimen that Vietnam uses to treat novel coronavirus (nCoV) infections is now on par with the world, stated Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long.
vietnams coronavirus therapeutic regimen on par with the world
The press briefing on February 5

Long made the statement at the press briefing on February 5 to provide up-to-date information about the coronavirus outbreak in Vietnam and the world.

The test method to detect cases of coronavirus infection the world is applying is Real-time PCR (RT-PCR). This is a method of high sensitivity and specificity.Up till now, no country in the world has managed to develop rapid diagnostic biologicals. There is no specific medicine for novel coronavirus (nCoV) treatment.

“At present, the treatment of coronavirus is symptomatic, meaning that if victims have a fever, doctors will provide antipyretic treatment, while ensuring sufficient nutrition, perfusion, and respiratory monitoring,” Long explained.

“The 10 infection cases in Vietnam are being treated by symptomatic treatment. Now three of them have successfully been cured and discharged from the hospital.”

Current, the Ministry of Health (MoH) is learning and studying the treatment methods employed by some countries, including Thailand and China.

“The MoH is very cautious about applying therapeutic regimen as well as preventing infections at health facilities. We are open to applying new treatment methods and willing to test. The therapeutic regimen Vietnam applies to treat nCoV infections is now on par with the world,” the Deputy Minister noted. "In the past, Vietnam also used this therapeutic regimen for SARS treatment. We applied symptomatic treatment, respiratory monitoring, and built isolation loops to prevent infection at health facilities and we successfully control the SARS pandemic.”

Thus far, the Vietnamese government has taken a number of comprehensive measures to prevent and fight the fatal epidemic.

According to the latest update from the MoH, as of 6 pm February 5, the epidemic was detected in 27 countries with the total number of cases of infection reaching 24,582, including nearly 24,350 in China.

The deadly virus killed 493 people, 491 of whom were in China. The other two deaths were reported in the Philippines and Hong Kong.

The coronavirus was detected in 235 patients outside of China. Vietnam confirmed the 10th novel coronavirus infection case, and 57 suspicious cases are being quarantined.

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