Vietnam welcomes the Year of the Rat

09:55 | 22/01/2020
Life becomes more bustling in wake of the Lunar New Year festival, the country’s most important traditional event that is celebrated in every town, village, and household. In light of the Year of the Rat, the streets of Vietnam are decorated with colourful lights, while many events in the major cities are being organised to welcome the new year.  Tan Duong reports.  
p66 vietnam welcomes the year of the rat
Tourists visiting Vietnam during Lunar New Year are often delighted with the colours, food, and gifts on show

Lunar New Year is the most anticipated event for most Vietnamese people every year, which marks the arrival of spring on the lunar calendar. Like people in some other Asian countries, Vietnamese believe that the colours red and yellow will bring good fortune, which may explain why these colours can be seen everywhere all over the nation during the Lunar New Year festivities.

Days before the main event and many family reunions, Hang Ma street in Hanoi Old Quarter is always noisy and full of people. Red envelopes, lanterns, LED lights, and decorative stickers are available in bright colours and many different shapes, and many visitors enjoy the bustling and vibrant scenery that these products create in the Old Quarter.

p66 vietnam welcomes the year of the rat
p66 vietnam welcomes the year of the rat
p66 vietnam welcomes the year of the rat

Meanwhile, the flower markets in the biggest cities are more crowded than ever as people race against the clock to purchase the most beautiful flowers for their homes. In the north, pink peach flower blossoms are very popular while people in south prefer yellow apricot trees for decoration. However, in recent years, people have also decorated their house with orange or grapefruit trees as well as orchids in bright colours to diversify the options.

Well-known flower markets in Hanoi such as Quang An, Hoang Hoa Tham, Lac Long Quan, and Hang Luoc feel like fairylands with full of peach blossoms, kumquats, orchids, and roses. Especially people walking along Lac Long Quan are often impressed by the additional art products and miniatures being sold there.

Along with the flower markets, Tay Tuu Village, the largest flower growing area in Hanoi, is a must-see for tourists with its countless flowers. Meanwhile, the Bat Trang pottery village brings out a series of rat-shaped ceramic plates to herald the Year of the Rat. Stores are packed with candied fruits and a variety of coloured gift baskets. Markets are more vibrant with people selecting satisfying gifts for their family and friends.

As additional preparations for the Year of the Rat, programmes to celebrate the memorable moments throughout the country are ready. Hanoi will organise a firework display on New Year’s Eve, with six locations for high-level fireworks and 24 more points for others. An art programme to celebrate the Lunar New Year will take place at 10pm on January 24.

With the theme Ho Chi Minh City - Confidence to Move Forward, the Nguyen Hue flower street will welcome visitors from 7pm on January 22-28. The highlights of the street event are designed based on a harmonious combination of natural elements, using environmentally-friendly materials. In addition, the designers present traditional Lunar New Year elements in unison with modern architecture and positive social meanings.

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