Vietnam reaches $35.6 billion in foreign investment capital in 2017

17:16 | 22/12/2017
Vietnam saw soaring foreign investment capital as well as disbursement in 2017, with a 44.4 per cent on-year increase in registered capital and 10.8 per cent in disbursed capital.
Vietnam has seen great increases in FDI inflows and disbursement throughout the year

According to statistics published by the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment today, between January and December 20, foreign investment capital arriving to Vietnam reached $35.6 billion, up 44.4 per cent compared to last year’s figures.

Notably, foreign investors poured $21.27 billion into 2,591 newly-registered projects and $8.4 billion of added capital into 1,188 existing projects, and foreign investment capital through M&A activities was $5.91 billion, signifying respective increases of 42.3, 49.2, and 38.5 per cent on-year.

In general, in 2017, 115 countries and territories were involved in 19 sectors of the Vietnamese economy. The manufacturing and processing sector ranked first in attracting FDI, with a total of $15.87 billion, equalling 44.2 per cent of the total inflows to Vietnam. The runner-up was the power generation and distribution sector with a total newly-registered and added capital of $8.37 billion, equalling 23.3 per cent of the country’s FDI.

Japan finished as the biggest investor by registering $9.11 billion, making up 25.4 per cent of the total. The runners-up are South Korea with $8.49 billion and Singapore with $5.03 billion.

Ho Chi Minh City retained its first place with $6.5 billion in newly-registered and expanded capital projects, making up 18.1 per cent of the country's total. Bac Ninh ranked second, with an aggregate $3.4 billion. Thanh Hoa ranked third with the total of $3.17 billion.

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By By Kim Oanh

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