Value from nature, art and harmony

16:28 | 25/09/2018
Boasting a wonderful beach combined with an amazing landscape and harmonised natural characteristics, Pérolas Villas Resort has made its way onto the radar of domestic and international investors.
value from nature art and harmony
The villas offer all modern comforts in addition to traditional design and a wonderful closeness to nature

Orchestra of nature

With more than 8,000 square metres of tropical garden and more than 5,000sq.m of wild beach, Pérolas Villas Resort offers a great opportunity for visitors who want to become more in sync with nature and escape from the difficulties of everyday life.

Inspired by some of the most famous resort destinations in the world which offer their visitors private and blissfully peaceful environments and a close connection to nature, many of them in places such as Santorini (Greece), the French Riviera, Bali (Indonesia) or the Maldives, Pérolas Villas Resort offers its long-term visitors – who usually stay for a week, not just a few days – a truly unique experience.

Pérolas Villas Resort’s tropical garden with its myriad of trees will make visitors feel like they entered a fairy tale. Meanwhile, the long stretches of beach with pristine white sand make an ideal location for visitors to enjoy all nature has to offer, like a mesmerising sunset or sunrise on the beach.

Tourists can enjoy a spa treatment right in the tropical garden, in conditions which are hard to obtain for other resorts in Vietnam.

value from nature art and harmony

Pérolas Villa Resort – high-quality facilities

But it is not just the beautiful landscape; Pérolas Villas Resort will also satisfy its investors with the simple, yet unique architecture of its boutique villas. Its architecture was designed to harmonise modern and traditional styles. The interiors created in traditional ceramic and wooden styles with locally sourced materials are simple, yet elegant and make it entirely different from other projects. The use of Bat Trang ceramics and bricks in the floor was inspired by the designs of the historic Tran Dynasty.

All of the villas were built with only one storey, because the architects wanted to give their visitors the opportunity to be closer to nature, only one doorway away at all times.

These traditional designs are combined with modern equipment such as smart TVs, garden spas, and minibars that will meet the demands of even the most demanding investor. It is true what they say: Pérolas Villas Resort will let you enjoy the simplicity of a traditional Vietnamese village, but still offers the utmost convenience brought about by modern equipment.

Moreover, Pérolas Villas Resort uses environmentally friendly materials and minimises its impact on the environment. For example, 100 per cent of its lighting system is powered by solar energy. Tourists staying here will find entertainment in a fresh-air resort with gardens, fruit trees, and villas located under the trees – a romantic landscape.

According to Truong Thanh Binh, business director of New Construction Company - the developer of this project, Pérolas Villas Resort’s villas were exceptional in their placement on the border between the blue sea and the green forest. “I like the gardens and the forest here the most. We can now hardly find other places with such deeply green trees as there are here,” Binh said.

Its natural harmony is far from all that Pérolas Villa Resort has to offer. It is also equipped with high-quality facilities that offer the highest level of enjoyment and convenience to its investors and visitors, including a spa, a seawater swimming pool, sea- front restaurants, an entertainment centre, a shopping centre, bars, and a gym.

To offer guests the highest convenience, electronic cabs are arranged to serve customers inside the resort. The highly qualified staff is provided separate transport routes inside the area, so walking guests will not be disturbed.

value from nature art and harmony

Pérolas Villas Resort at a glance

Standard: International four-star

Project type: Owned villas

Location: Hon Lan International Tourism Area, Ham Thuan Nam, Binh Thuan

Developer: New Construction Company

Investment and operation management: Saigon LifeStyle

Exclusive contributor and consultant: Thu Thiem Real

Marketing partner: IMAS Marketing Partner

Hotline: 0899 223 223

Clear and stable legal status

Pérolas Villa Resort has a clear and transparent legal status. Taxes for the land the project is situated on was collected until 2054 and the contracts will be extended for another 50 years after that.

Pérolas Villa Resort is also located in an already planned and stable area, which will become the number 2 international tourism area in Mui Ne in the near future, as the Number 1 area is becoming saturated.

The developer of Pérolas Villa Resort was also one of the first to be licensed for seaside villas in this area. To obtain this licence, investors had to meet many criteria, such as a minimum area of five hectares, paying leasing taxes in one go, making sure the area of every villa is no less than 300sq.m, guaranteeing the construction density will not be higher than 25 per cent of the total land area of the project, and ensuring that a maximum of six months after the villas are handed over, its owners are given the red book.

The project’s developers presented a transparent timetable which will put the project into operation in the fourth quarter of 2019. When they invest in Pérolas Villa Resort, investors will be guaranteed by the developer to receive a yield of 7 per cent for the first three years, 8 per cent in the two following years, and more than 8 per cent in the five subsequent years.

According to a source within the developer, these high yields are based on the project’s outstanding advantages, such as its unique architecture and design and the premium services the project can offer to its customers. “These yields will be safe for all sides involved in the project, including the developer, investors, and the operators,” said the source.

All this is making Pérolas Villa Resort become one of the most advanced investment channels for investors who want to reap long-term benefits.

Wider room for tourism development

The central province of Binh Thuan has favourable natural conditions for tourism development with its more than 150 kilometres of coastline. It takes only 3.5 hours to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Thuan. Once the Dau Giay-Phan Thiet Highway’s construction is completed, which is scheduled for 2023, this time will be shortened to around two hours.

To come to Binh Thuan, tourists are also able to travel by train or by air. The convenient transport options to and from Binh Thuan are one of the most favourable factors for attracting investors and visitors to the province.

According to the Binh Thuan Department for Culture and Sports, the province welcomed more than 2.6 million tourists in the first half of 2018, an increase of 11.6 per cent compared to the same period last year. International arrivals increased by 14 per cent compared to the same period last year, with tourists mainly coming from China, Russia, South Korea, and Thailand. So far, Binh Thuan has nearly 4,000 rooms from three- to five-star levels, and with the increase in tourist arrivals, the province needs an addition of 2,000 more rooms.

Pérolas Villa Resort is located in the Hon Lan Tourism Area – one of the fastest-growing tourism development areas of Binh Thuan.

Covering 350ha, Hon Lan Tourism Area is now home to one project which has been put into operation, the Princess D’An Nam, and three more that are under construction, including Pérolas Villa Resort.

Owning a villa in Pérolas Villa Resort should therefore be a wise investment considering its lifespan and the price of only $700 per sq.m.

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