Tran Bao Toan, businessman under attack by Facebook impostor

16:40 | 14/12/2018
Tran Bao Toan, director of Pavo Capital Asset Management, issued a warning about a fake Facebook account and fan page to avoid misunderstandings about him and his enterprises.  
tran bao toan businessman under attack by facebook impostor
Tran Bao Toan business man extorted and has fake facebook

In the document submitted to the Vietnam Journalists Association and media agencies, Toan said that during the past days, a Facebook account and fan page using the name Tran Bao Toan and using his images appeared to issue wrong and fabricated information about him as well as the enterprises in which Toan is their legal representative.

In the past, several fake Facebook accounts were set up to impersonate famous people and artists, including Dam Vinh Hung singer and Lai Van Sam journalist, to collect “likes” or to issue negative or inflammatory comments about social incidents.

In Toan's case, an impostor not only issued false and fabricated information about him, but also took advantage of his/her relationship with famous Facebookers to spread this information to create pressure on him and his family. The situation reached the point where Toan is worried for his and his family's safety. Besides, he received messages demanding money to remove or delete the false information.

Toan saw that numerous people working for media agencies shared wrong and fabricated information posted by these accounts. Thus, he reported the incident to the authorities to find the culprit and prevent the spread of false information.

Toan also confirmed that he only has a single Facebook account with the name Tran Bao Toan.

Toan is currently the director and legal representative of Pavo Capital, and is simultaneously a member of the board of directors of Foreign Trade Development & Investment Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City (HSX:FDC).

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