Tips to improve online candidate sourcing

11:07 | 24/11/2014
“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”. This timeless saying by Abraham Lincoln could not be more relevant to candidate searches. To plunge headlong into a candidate hunt without adequate front-end research and a thorough analysis of search strategy will only result in sub-par profiles and irrelevant information.

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According to the most successful consultants at Navigos Search, utilising the unlimited advantages offered by technology can make a huge difference to the scope of any search. They augment the candidate base provided by the huge Navigos Search database, by using websites like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google to find suitable leads. We have compiled a short list of common techniques used by our teams.

1. Don’t depend just on your own analysis and interpretation, get a thorough understanding from the hiring manager about the success criteria of the job. This is important, not just for you to search optimally, but also to provide a clear picture to potential candidates when you speak to them.    

2. While using Google to search for keywords, prioritise the specifications that you want to put into your search. We recommend starting with generic skills and gradually moving to the specifics. Also, we advise the use of technical terminology whenever applicable. Carry out multiple searches, using different “boolean” operators such as, AND, OR, XOR, NOT and NOT.

3. When assessing initial results for relevance, take note of alternate but relevant titles, phrases, companies and search terms that can be incorporated into your next search.

4. Analyse the results gained from successive searches and make necessary modifications to your search string before conducting the search again.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you achieve an acceptably large volume of relevant results.

To summarise, our best consultants take time to carefully chart out their search strategy and approach every search from multiple angles. This ensures a robust pipeline of possibilities, giving them an advantageously wider playing field and a higher chance of successfully closing the position.

Source: Navigos Search

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