Tips that help you hire with minor recruitment experience

10:45 | 03/11/2014
Are you faced with recruiting people for your team with very little recruitment experience? It may be an enormous challenge for you to hire the right people at this stage. Fortunately, you can still be successful by following the tips below.

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- Use online job boards

There is a wide choice of websites that you could use to advertise your job. However, careful research should go into your final choice, because you want to make sure that you choose the site with the best reach to your target market. It is prudent to find out the traffic levels a job board gets via targeted sources. This information will provide you with better insight into the potential rate of return you can expect to receive on your campaign.

-Turn your current employees into talent scouts

In Vietnam, the best way to find talent is through word of mouth. Before starting your call, ask your employees if they can introduce suitable candidates to fill your vacancies. According to recruiting experts, employee referral programmes are the silver bullet for recruiting. Most employers of choice have very strong employee referral cultures. This practice helps them get top talent onboard, reduce costs and drive a vibrant work culture.

-Your new hires can be from within

You can promote someone from inside your organisation, especially for managerial positions. When put in the same role, an internally-promoted employee can outperform an externally hired one. Current employees know your business and the organisational landscape. However, give the promoted employee a safety net by filling his position with a temp so that he can revert to the former role if the promotion does not work out.

-Candidates’ attitude matter

Research indicates that most failed new hires are a result of attitude problems, not professional deficits. Employees lacking coachability, emotional intelligence and motivation can do your business a disservice. What people know is less important than who they are. So besides the correct job-specific skills, emphasise attitude to ensure the quality of new hires.


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