Thriving pet care services

10:25 | 06/06/2020
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The role that dogs and cats play in Vietnamese society has changed dramatically in recent years. While many people still regard cats and dogs as guard animals, there is a new generation of increasing consumers who sees them primarily as companions. More and more families and young singles choose to raise a dog or a cat as a companion and even a family member. As a result, pet services have become more diversified and plentiful, especially in large cities.
thriving pet care services
Thriving pet care services

Pet care services blossom

Thanks to the economic growth, pet care services in Vietnam have been booming throughout the past few years. Nowadays, in big cities, pet products can be easily found in every supermarket. Pet-related services such as spas and hotels have strongly developed and increasingly become the favourite business type of many young entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the network of pet lovers is growing day by day. As such, specialised pet shops, well-equipped clinics and qualified veterinary surgeons, have been appearing in several cities and towns.

With their new status as companions, pets are now enjoying a completely new lifestyle. They are becoming family members, get showered, their fur dyed, carried around, and even dressed up in funny clothes; they go to visit a spa with their owners, where they can indulge into beauty services ranging from massage and oil steaming to hair trimming and pedicure. The prices of such spa services normally range from VND100,000 ($4) to VND1 million ($43) depending on the weight of the pets.

To meet the rising demand, PetCity and Pet Mart – two popular retail supermarkets in Hanoi and other large cities – offer all kinds of products for pets, including nutritious food, clothes, toys, cages, and other accessories.

Additionally, an increasing number of young people is joining social media groups about pets such as Hanoi Pet Rescue to share information about their lost pets, find a new pet in need of a loving home, and find information to take better care of their furry loved ones.

thriving pet care services

Pet burial and hotel services selling like hotcakes

Along with the development of beauty and healthcare services, pet burial services have been getting more and more attention in recent years, although the cost is not cheap. In Hanoi, a 2,000sq.m cemetery dedicated to cats and dogs has been built in Truong Dinh street, Hoang Mai district since 2010. There are nearly 2,000 tombs for dogs and cats, not including the ones brought in for cremation and taken back by the owners for burial.

Nguyen Bao Sinh, the owner of this unusual cemetery, said that there are two forms of mourning at the cemetery, cremation and burial. The price of an underground burial ranges from VND6-10 million ($260-$430) depending on the rituals selected by the owner.

Meanwhile, cremation costs only between 2.5 and 4 million VND ($110-$175). Before the funeral, the same procedures as for a human funeral will be carried out and the tombs will then be outfitted with gravestones, photos, and the common data of the pets. Funeral expenses include accompanying services such as wreaths, incense, candles, and other incense services on the first and 15th day of the lunar month. Although it may be seen as quite unusual to bury pets in this way and sometimes receive opposing reactions from the public, the pet burial service is increasingly attracting customers.

Meanwhile, hotel services for pets are especially attractive on holidays such as Lunar New Year when the owners need someone to keep their pets. Some addresses, such as Kimi Pet, Dream Pet, and Pet Mart, are becoming more and more popular and are even offering 4- to 5-star standards for one’s best furry friend.

As such, hotel room prices start from VND300,000 per day ($13) depending on the weight of the pet and the room quality. Some penthouses or VIP rooms with enough cushion, air conditioning, toys, and cameras for owners to watch their pets cost nearly VND1 million per day ($43). With these prices, the pets will enjoy extra services such as bathing and movement sessions for 3-4 hours a day.

Currently, both the burial and hotel services for pets are only developing in the two largest cities in Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

thriving pet care services
Le Hong Thai and his dog Cam stole the hearts of the 2020 Vietnam Trail Marathon runners along the tough 42km mountain course. Completing the race alongside his owner, Cam was awarded a finish medal after the event.

Have a tea and cuddle a cat

In addition to general pet services, the pet cafe model is bringing joy to customers by offering not just delicious food and beverage but also cuddle sessions with cute cats, sometimes also welcoming visitors who bring their own pets right with them.

These places both operate as a regular cafe and provide additional pet care services. Dog and cat lovers meet, exchange, and share their pet care experience in these cafes.

Meanwhile, other customers can enjoy playing with and taking photos of pets. Apart from the cost of drinks and products on the menu of the coffee shop, customers do not have to pay for any other services.

Currently, the pet cafe model is emerging strongly in big cities and receiving an enthusiastic response from young people. Some of the more popular pet cafes in Hanoi include Meo’s House Coffee, Lizzy House, Luffy Coffee, K’s Coffee, and Meow Coffee. In Ho Chi Minh City, Kuro cat Coffee, Coffee Cun Cung, Cheryl Kitten Coffee, and Hachiko Coffee are familiar destinations with dog and cat lovers.

By Lien Doanh

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