Things that make you unproductive at work

13:00 | 21/07/2014
Time is a finite resource. There are only 24 hours in a day and only a small part of that is actually available to you for work. Here we consider the top things that make you unproductive at work and solutions to ensure that they don’t waste your valuable time.

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- The chatty colleague

This would be the person who has all the latest news, fresh off the grapevine, to share with you. It may be a good idea to pretend to talk to a client or disappear from your desk when you see this person headed your way. Such people are not good at waiting, as they want to spill their sensational news right away. They will invariably find someone else to talk with, if you are unavailable, and leave you free to use your time wisely.

- Communication gaps

A large amount of information tends to get duplicated in offices that have no clear and organised communication channels. The same message to attend a meeting may be received from more than one source. There may also be considerable time wasted in unproductive actions, for example when one person has to individually call or text many people about the same event. It would be more efficient to have a digital notice board that gets updated regularly for such activities, to be accessed by all the people in the office. Similarly, common information required for a project should be accessible with ease to all people who are involved in working on the project.

- Not taking a power nap

It has been scientifically proved that by taking a short break from work during work hours your productivity increases.  People were able to solve word puzzles and jigsaws faster after they had a brief and refreshing nap. The power nap involves a short period of rest after a meal, usually lunch, which allows you to rejuvenate yourself, before you head back to the work desk. If you try to muddle on without taking regular breaks you are only going to be unproductive.

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