new support for agriculture yields results New support for agriculture yields results

21:00 | 30/04/2019

Over the years, the Vietnamese government has been calling for investment in hi-tech agriculture, aiming to turn Vietnam into one of the most developed and ...

private school brands grow Private school brands grow

19:00 | 30/04/2019

Along with the development of science and technology, the demand for knowledge and skills training for children has been rising, turning education and training into ...

zuellig pharmas tech helps country wide vaccination Zuellig Pharma’s tech helps country-wide vaccination

17:00 | 30/04/2019

Vietnam is facing the challenge of ensuring the highest standards of temperature-controlled supply chains for vaccines during transportation, in order to achieve the goal of ...

private companies at helm in tourism Private companies at helm in tourism

17:00 | 30/04/2019

Vietnam is continuously hastening efforts to improve the business climate to create favourable conditions for the private sector in the tourism industry to play its ...

th group strives for agricultural quality TH Group strives for agricultural quality

15:00 | 30/04/2019

With a big focus on hi-tech agricultural investment resulting in a surge in revenue and profit over the past few years, TH Group has continued ...

new digital tech in the private sector New digital tech in the private sector

14:00 | 30/04/2019

The digital transformation poses an unprecedented opportunity to create a strong private sector ecosystem. RSM Vietnam, one of the leading mid-tier accounting and advisory firms ...

optimum tax strategy to cut costs and ensure compliance Optimum tax strategy to cut costs and ensure compliance

14:00 | 30/04/2019

Optimising tax costs has been an increasing concern for firms in the private sector (*).

bayers contributions to a sustainable vietnam Bayer’s contributions to a sustainable Vietnam

13:00 | 30/04/2019

Since its inception in 1994, German group Bayer has grown rapidly and contributed significantly to the growth of Vietnam, with two production sites in Dong ...

the who why and how of your product The who, why, and how of your product

08:15 | 30/04/2019

While startups and private companies in Vietnam are growing larger day by day, their chances of market success are getting slimmer as competition mounts.

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