economic transition required in midst of global health crisis Economic transition required in midst of global health crisis

14:00 | 31/07/2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic and a virus that is likely to be associated with climate change and pressure on natural resources, the world economy ...

aboitizpower terminates wind farm purchase deal in vietnam AboitizPower terminates wind farm purchase deal in Vietnam

22:54 | 03/04/2020

Aboitiz Power will terminate its planned acquisition of Vietnam’s Mekong Wind due to a condition precedent being unmet by the agreed longstop date.

ensuring data helps in decision making Ensuring data helps in decision-making

12:32 | 16/05/2019

Big Data analysis is something of a bet on the future and forecasts that envision gigantic sales and hip business models can be described as ...

the smart home future on the horizon The smart home future on the horizon

08:05 | 16/05/2019

With the support of technology, domestic companies have been contributing to building a smarter and better life for Vietnamese people via smart homes.

digital predictions for asean 2025 Digital predictions for ASEAN 2025

08:05 | 16/05/2019

During the 32nd ASEAN Summit held in Singapore last year, the region agreed to establish the ASEAN Smart Cities Network. The pilot kick-starting this work ...

reaching the next level of high quality growth Reaching the next level of high-quality growth

13:38 | 15/05/2019

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution sweeping across the globe, Vietnam boasts favourable conditions to apply the new technologies that come with it..

writing the future of digitalisation for vietnam at abb technology day Writing the future of digitalisation for Vietnam at ABB Technology Day

11:52 | 15/05/2019

ABB is transforming Vietnam’s factories, cities, and energy landscape with its latest innovative technologies.

dare to learn with aws to succeed in digital age Dare to learn with AWS to succeed in digital age

09:37 | 15/05/2019

The Vietnamese market is changing at a rapid pace nowadays, treading towards digitalisation to stand on par with other regional markets in the digital age...

abb shapes sustainable future with 40 solutions ABB shapes sustainable future with 4.0 solutions

09:20 | 14/05/2019

Industry 4.0 is profoundly influencing the way we power our societies, produce our goods, as well as how we work, live, and move. In the ...

mastering technology for vietnams growth Mastering technology for Vietnam’s growth

08:43 | 14/05/2019

Vietnam is now trying to transform itself into a digital economy. However, it is necessary for the government to offer incentives to technology companies as ...

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