johnson johnson to delay european covid 19 vaccine rollout Johnson & Johnson to delay European Covid-19 vaccine rollout

11:32 | 14/04/2021

Johnson & Johnson said Tuesday it will delay rollout of its Covid-19 vaccine in Europe after US authorities moved to suspend use of the shot ...

hai phong traces people related to new covid 19 patients Hai Phong traces people related to new COVID-19 patients

10:41 | 11/03/2021

The northern city of Hai Phong is promptly tracing people who had close contact with two local residents who were tested positive to coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 ...

hcm city continues closure of discos bars karaoke parlors HCM City continues closure of discos, bars, karaoke parlors

09:56 | 09/03/2021

Ho Chi Minh City will continue the closure of discos, bars, karaoke parlors to ensure safety amid COVID-19 pandemic, while other service business types will ...

vietnam striving to be self sufficient in covid 19 vaccines Vietnam striving to be self-sufficient in COVID-19 vaccines

10:37 | 06/03/2021

Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long has said that Vietnam will focus on the research and production of homegrown COVID-19 vaccines alongside imports, viewing this ...

hai duong province wide social distancing to end on march 3 Hai Duong: Province-wide social distancing to end on March 3

19:17 | 01/03/2021

The northern province of Hai Duong, the largest hotspot in the latest COVID-19 outbreak, is to end province-wide social distancing measures and lift lockdowns on ...

first vietnamese covid 19 vaccine nano covax enters second phase of human trials First Vietnamese COVID-19 vaccine Nano Covax enters second phase of human trials

11:00 | 28/02/2021

The second phase of human trials for the Nano Covax COVID-19 vaccine has begun, with hopes that it would be available in the market next ...

vietnam has no covid 19 case to report on february 28 morning Vietnam has no COVID-19 case to report on February 28 morning

10:30 | 28/02/2021

Vietnam saw no new COVID-19 case over the past 12 hours to 6am February 28, making the national tally unchanged at 2,432, according to the ...

nearly 300 volunteers in long an engage in second stage trials of nano covax Nearly 300 volunteers in Long An engage in second-stage trials of Nano Covax

10:23 | 27/02/2021

Nearly 300 volunteers in the Mekong Delta province of Long An are set to receive injections of Nano Covax in the second-stage human clinical trials ...

hanoi reports case of covid 19 relapse Hanoi reports case of COVID-19 relapse

10:26 | 26/02/2021

A patient has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 again after being given the all-clear, the Hanoi Centre of Disease Control (CDC Hanoi) said on February 25.

eight covid 19 cases recorded on february 25 Eight COVID-19 cases recorded on February 25

10:15 | 26/02/2021

Eight cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the past 12 hours to 6pm February 25, including seven locally-infected cases in Hai Duong, according to the ...

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