The 10 largest export categories in first 11 months of 2018

11:45 | 25/12/2018
In the first 11 months, the value of Vietnam's exports reached $223.72 billion, up 14.5 per cent against the same period last year, with 10 categories contributing 70 per cent.  
the 10 largest export categories in first 11 months of 2018
The top 10 export categories in the first 11 months (Source: General Department of Vietnam Customs)

The General Statistics Office of Vietnam's report on the first 10 months of the year showed that the total export revenue has reached $200.27 billion, up 14.2 per cent on-year.

Turning to November, the country published data on its export performance, highlighting the contributions of the 10 largest categories.

In particular, phones and accessories are still the main export items of Vietnam and continue the highest value of all commodities. Accordingly, by the end of November, the export value of this group reached $46.2 billion, up 11.67 per cent over the same period last year.

The main export markets of Vietnamese phones and accessories are the European Union, China, the US, Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

The second position belongs to textiles with the export turnover of $27.7 billion in the first 11 months, increasing 17.12 per cent on-year. This second category mainly exports to market such as the US, the EU, Japan, and Korea.

Computers and electronic products stand at the third position with the total export turnover of $26.95 billion, up 13.66 per cent. This category mainly goes to China, the US, the EU, and Korea.

Machinery and equipments is the fourth category, with $15.13 billion of exports, a rise of 28.65 per cent, mainly to the US, the EU, Japan, and India.

Footwear ranks fifth with $14.65 billion, up 10.9 per cent, with shipments mainly to the US, the EU, China, and Japan.

Wood and wooden products ranked sixth. The export value of this category was $8.05 billion, up 16 per cent. China, Hong Kong, and Korea were the countries importing the most in this category.

Fishery products are seventh, with an export turnover of $8.03 billion, up 6.07 per cent. Main export markets include Cambodia, the US, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the EU.

Wood and wooden products, and transportation vehicles are the eighth and ninth. The export values of these industries reached $7.3 billion, up 14.24 per cent, and $4.78 billion, up 44.4 per cent over the same period last year. Main export markets were the US, China, Japan, and Thailand.

The tenth largest export category was iron and steel, with an export value of $4.21 billion, an increase of 24.08 per cent over the same period last year.

By Tan Duong

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