honeywell inaugurates first asian industrial cybersecurity centre Honeywell inaugurates first Asian industrial cybersecurity centre

By Nguyen Huong 11:07 | 01/05/2018

The centre will develop new cybersecurity technologies, provide hands-on training, and monitor customer sites for threats.

recent agribank thefts may have featured skimming devices Recent Agribank thefts may have featured skimming devices

By Van Anh 12:33 | 29/04/2018

Skimming devices may have been used to steal money from 400 Agribank accounts, causing a huge stir recently.

ey where is fintech in vietnam E&Y: Where is fintech in Vietnam?

By Minh Trang 18:55 | 25/04/2018

Vietnam can expect its fintech ecosystem to grow should it pay attention to the funding issue, growing talent in the ...

digital storm sweeping through banking industry Digital storm sweeping through banking industry

By Minh Trang 10:51 | 21/04/2018

Digital implementation is a business priority for many banks in 2018, according to EY’s Global Banking Outlook 2018.

youthspark project empowers ict skills of disadvantaged children Youthspark project empowers ICT skills of disadvantaged children

By Anh Duc 10:17 | 21/04/2018

The Youthspark Digital Inclusion project has been amassing success in empowering disadvantaged young people through ICT education.

scroll corporation joins vietnamese e commerce through cat dong Scroll Corporation joins Vietnamese e-commerce through Cat Dong

22:19 | 17/04/2018

Scroll Corporation may help Cat Dong to increase its market share in an increasingly competitive market.

will qr code stores become the new craze in hanoi Will QR code stores become the new craze in Hanoi?

By Kim Anh 22:08 | 17/04/2018

Hanoi’s upcoming QR code stores replacing the unpopular vending machines around Hoan Kiem Lake are expected to become popular among ...

will photos prevent trash sims and spam Will photos prevent "trash" SIMs and spam?

By Van Anh 21:16 | 14/04/2018

Subscribers express doubts that the requirement of submitting subscribers’ photos to limit “trash” SIM cards will help prevent spam messages.

vietnamese users receive facebook announcement on leaked data Vietnamese users receive Facebook announcement on leaked data

By Van Anh 16:01 | 13/04/2018

This morning, many Vietnamese users received Facebook’s announcement that their personal data was stolen by Cambridge Analytica.

asinine request by mobile networks send subscribers into frenzy “Asinine” request by mobile networks send subscribers into frenzy

By Van Anh 15:50 | 11/04/2018

Three telecom groups’ request of mobile subscribers’ photos is causing a controversy over the security of people’s personal information.

vietnamese e commerce stands to benefit from greater competition Vietnamese e-commerce stands to benefit from greater competition

By Van Anh 11:37 | 11/04/2018

Raising competition between e-commerce enterprises remains a great opportunity to boost the development of the Vietnamese e-commerce market.

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