vietnams first certified pci dss data centre Vietnam’s first certified PCI DSS Data Centre

16:39 | 09/02/2018

Crossbow Labs has issued the PCI DSS v3.2 certificate to CMC Telecom, Vietnam’s first and unique Data Centre, for meeting the latest security requirements.

new micropressure sensors bolster functionality of consumer appliances and medical devices New MicroPressure sensors bolster functionality of consumer appliances and medical devices

By Hoang Anh 12:57 | 01/02/2018

Honeywell launches its new MicroPressure sensors to offer heightened IoT applicability in consumer and medical products.

criteo technology drives conversion and sales for sendovn in vietnam Criteo technology drives conversion and sales for in Vietnam

By By Anh Duc 18:38 | 31/01/2018

One of Vietnam’s most prominent commerce destinations uses Criteo’s proprietary dynamic retargeting technology to achieve a 578 per cent increase ...

microchip technology to raise vietnams new generation of engineers Microchip Technology to raise Vietnam’s new generation of engineers

By By Anh Duc 18:36 | 31/01/2018

Today, the corporation handed out scholarships and resources to students at leading universities across Vietnam.

gobear opens regional code unit in vietnam in february 2018 GoBear opens regional Code Unit in Vietnam in February 2018

By By Thu Ha 11:17 | 31/01/2018

GoBear will commence its new regional software development team known as the GoBear Code Unit in Ho Chi Minh City ...

vietnam japan enhance it cooperation Vietnam, Japan enhance IT cooperation

16:54 | 30/01/2018

Representatives from Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications and Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications have agreed to boost ...

facebook to deliver more local news to us users Facebook to deliver more local news to US users

09:25 | 30/01/2018

Facebook said on Monday (Jan 29) it has decided to deliver more local news to US users, in its latest ...

blockchain tech may open new era Blockchain tech may open new era

10:05 | 29/01/2018

Blockchain, a new technology to help explore the various forms of crypto-currencies, could open up new attractive environment for all ...

singtel to offer apple watch series 3 with built in cellular service Singtel to offer Apple Watch Series 3 with built-in cellular service

10:41 | 27/01/2018

Singtel will be the first telecommunications provider to offer a new model of the Apple Watch Series 3 with a built-in cellular ...

wef launches global centre for cybersecurity hopes for international collaboration WEF launches Global Centre for Cybersecurity, hopes for international collaboration

10:00 | 26/01/2018

The World Economic Forum (WEF) on Thursday (Jan 25) announced the launch of a new Global Centre for Cybersecurity to ...

enabling boat project closes with resounding success Enabling Boat project closes with resounding success 1

By By Anh Duc 16:24 | 25/01/2018

After a long journey, the “Enabling Boat” project has achieved its goals and created remarkable changes.

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