Tasting Orfarm’s organic pork from only VND19,000

09:38 | 09/12/2014
ORFARM starts its Special Tasting Days for its organic pork with prices at only VND19,000, VND29,000 and VND59,000 per pack of organic pork at all its showrooms in 72 Tran Dang Ninh and 13 Do Quang, Cau Giay district and 198B Thuy Khue, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

Over the past year ORFARM has tried its utmost to produce and distribute high quality organic farming products to consumers in Vietnam. With its multiple choices of high quality organic and safe farming products featuring from organic pork, organic chicken, organic eggs, organic fish, organic cold meat and organic vegetables to Global GAP vegetables and upscale imported food, the Vietnam’s First Organic Food brand contributes to help local clients understanding obviously and deeply the core value of EM food products to their health and surrounding environment. As fact that now more and more people show their high demand and request to farming products that meet all the organic, high quality, safe and environmental friendly certification.

This is really good news for such producers and distributors as THUY THIEN NHU farms and ORFARM brand. On this occasion, ORFARM wishes to give their thanks to all clients who have believed and supported strongly the brand’s food since its opening last December. Otherwise, ORFARM also wants to create the good chance for all other clients to taste its organic food which bred and grown perfectly according to Japan’s EM technology with the most acceptable prices under the cost for production as a greeting for a better health, a better life in the upcoming Christmas season and New Year 2015.

Furthermore, based on the higher and higher demand of clients, after a year investing, producing and distributing farming products to Hanoi market, it’s a great news for ORFARM to run successfully three official ORFARM showrooms in Hanoi. And to meet the demand of its clients, the brand is now expanding its EM technology farms to more than three to increase its production capacity as well as to diversify processed food items. Importantly, all the production processes at all ORFARM’s farms are applied and controlled strictly according to EM technology from producing animal food, to creating animal bed, from feeding and caring animal, to growing vegetables and fruit trees, as well as to improving the surrounding environment.

Currently, ORFARM showrooms provides such organic products as pork, chicken, eggs, fishes, vegetables and cold meats as klobasa, salami, sausages and bacon. All ORFARM fresh meats are frozen to ensure the quality, hygiene and taste of products. Besides to create clients more conveniently, it also provides other imported high quality products, including American and Australian beefs, Canadian cod fish, Norway salmon as well as spaghetti, biscuits and chocolate.

All ORFARM fresh and cold meat products satisfy the guidelines set out by Japan's EMRO trademark using EM technology™ (Effective Microorganism). The technology is based on the idea of a coexistence with native and originally-dominant microorganisms, not exclusion of them. EM technology has no adverse effects and is in fact beneficial to plants, animals, and humans. EM technology allows the farm to suppress the putrefactive microorganisms. It does this by ensuring the process of fermentation as opposed to putrefaction. As a result, living organisms as well as inorganic materials impede deterioration.

Showroom 1: 72 Tran Dang Ninh street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, tel: 844 3793 9966

Showroom 2: 13 Do Quang, (Lane 61, Tran Duy Hung street) Cau Giay district, Hanoi, tel: 844 3556 4755

Showroom 3: 198B Thuy Khue, Tay Ho district, Hanoi, tel: 844 3847 1166

If you are too busy to get to the showrooms, the brand offers free delivery for all guests in four main districts of Hanoi ordering through its hotline at 84918836911/84918787743 or Website: www.orfarm.com.vn or Fanpage: www.facebook.com/orfarm.com.vn

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By By Duc Hanh

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