pharma initiatives to cure the needy Pharma initiatives to cure the needy

12:00 | 28/02/2020

Multinational pharmaceutical groups are seeking ways to support Vietnamese in accessing medical services, and widen their market share in the country in the face of ...

zuellig pharma presents ezcooler to increase vaccine access in vietnam Zuellig Pharma presents eZCooler to increase vaccine access in Vietnam

15:00 | 20/12/2019

Zuellig Pharma presented more than 600 innovative eZCooler boxes to six provinces to increase access to vaccines in these areas.

four provinces trained on ezcooler for storage and transportation of vaccines Four provinces trained on eZCooler for storage and transportation of vaccines

08:00 | 13/12/2019

EZCooler is an ideal solution for the difficulties in vaccine storage and transportation, especially in remote and difficult-to-reach areas with rough terrain.

zuellig pharma provides ezcooler training for vietnam medical staff Zuellig Pharma provides eZCooler training for Vietnam medical staff

08:00 | 09/12/2019

The Ministry of Health has approved the project on enhancing the cold chain storage during vaccine transportation sponsored by Zuellig Pharma.

zuellig pharmas wider healthcare cure Zuellig Pharma’s wider healthcare cure

08:00 | 14/05/2019

One of the largest healthcare service groups in Asia, Zuellig Pharma, has been making healthcare more accessible in Vietnam.

zuellig pharmas tech helps country wide vaccination Zuellig Pharma’s tech helps country-wide vaccination

17:00 | 30/04/2019

Vietnam is facing the challenge of ensuring the highest standards of temperature-controlled supply chains for vaccines during transportation, in order to achieve the goal of ...

innovative ezcooler technology helps expand access to vaccines in vietnam Innovative eZCooler technology helps expand access to vaccines in Vietnam 

13:32 | 18/04/2019

NICVB, NIHE, and Zuellig Pharma today officially announced a project to expand access to vaccines in Vietnam through the use of the eZCool

zuellig pharma on mohs drug radar Zuellig Pharma on MoH’s drug radar

10:58 | 24/05/2018

The Ministry of Health is sounding the war horn for a charge against distribution of pharmaceuticals under the cover of providing preserving services by some ...

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