fast fashion seeks speedy solutions Fast-fashion seeks speedy solutions

08:00 | 26/11/2019

High land lease prices, local preference on exported clothing, and the custom of shopping at local stores may not favour Japanese-based UNIQLO’s plan to make ...

uniqlo dips toe in hanoi waters UNIQLO dips toe in Hanoi waters

16:54 | 29/10/2019

After announcing the opening of its first store at Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza in Ho Chi Minh City, Uniqlo is now reqruiting staff in Hanoi.

uniqlo to open three storey store in ho chi minh city by year end UNIQLO to open three-storey store in Ho Chi Minh City by year-end

18:38 | 18/10/2019

UNIQLO is accelerating final preparations to launch its 3,000 square metre store in Ho Chi Minh City by the end of this year, a little ...

local trend of sustainable development may threat hm and zara Local trend of sustainable development may threat H&M and Zara

11:31 | 03/09/2019

Despite being the second-largest polluters in the world, fast-fashion brands are growing at a tremendous pace in Vietnam.

evfta may help phong phu become new supplier of zara and hm EVFTA may help Phong Phu become new supplier of Zara and H&M

13:34 | 12/07/2019

The local textile industry will reap great benefits from the EVFTA, as demonstrated by Phong Phu JSC becoming a supplier to brands like Zara, H&M, ...

tng achieving fashionable results TNG achieving fashionable results

08:00 | 15/04/2019

One of the biggest textile apparel ­exporters in the country is hoping to build on a strong and award-winning 2018 by setting ­ambitious targets, removing ...

meuw menswear opens in haiphong Meuw Menswear opens in Haiphong 1

18:19 | 21/01/2019

Urban fashion brand Meuw Menswear opens its fourth store, this time taking on the Haiphong fashion scene.

potential new contender to challenge e commerce Potential new contender to challenge e-commerce

15:33 | 12/12/2018

In tackling violations by e-commerce firms related to low-quality goods and fake discounts, the opening of dedicated shopping websites is set to become an inevitable ...

fast fashion set to transform market Fast fashion set to transform market

09:00 | 21/09/2018

The proliferation of foreign fast fashion brands in Vietnam is heating up the local sector and drawing in more and more newcomers, which forces local ...

zara sees boycott after disrespecting shopper Zara sees boycott after disrespecting shopper 1

19:47 | 14/09/2018

Customers have been boycotting Zara in Hanoi, demanding the store to show more respect after officers of the outlet accused a woman with theft.

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