can xiaomi bring long term benefits to digiworld Can Xiaomi bring long-term benefits to Digiworld?

11:36 | 18/07/2018

Despite last year’s expansion to household goods and functional foods, Digiworld’s current revenues have largely depended on Xiaomi.

xiaomi lowers target as it kicks off ipo Xiaomi lowers target as it kicks off IPO

09:01 | 22/06/2018

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi kicked off its initial public offering Thursday but the firm is likely to pull in about $6.1 billion, far less than ...

chinese smart phone manufacturers make headways in vietnam Chinese smart phone manufacturers make headways in Vietnam

22:54 | 06/06/2018

Chinese mobile phone manufacturers' growth in Vietnam has been forcing mid-end smart phone brands like Sony and Microsoft out of business.

copyright infringement lawsuit hinders xiaomis ambitions Copyright infringement lawsuit hinders Xiaomi’s ambitions

22:53 | 15/05/2018

Intellectual property infringement may have thrown a wrench in Xiaomi's plans for a $100-billion IPO and becoming Vietnam's number one smart phone brand.

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