ministry of planning and investment introduces three new laws Ministry of Planning and Investment introduces three new laws

08:00 | 11/07/2020

The revised Law on Investment, Law on Enterprises, and Law on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) investment will contribute to completing the legal framework and creating transparency ...

wide ranging changes for decade of investment Wide-ranging changes for decade of investment 1

10:00 | 04/09/2019

Investment incentives and business conditions in Vietnam are expected to be significantly changed to better align with international commitments and the country’s new foreign direct ...

should business households become enterprises Should business households become enterprises?

08:29 | 04/09/2019

The MPI proposed recognising business households in the Law on Enterprises, affording them the same level of rights and protection as other forms of business.

placing vietnam at the centre of us attraction Placing Vietnam at the centre of US attraction

10:00 | 10/07/2019

Vietnam-US investment relations have significantly strengthened over the past 25 years, illustrated by great success stories from world-famous groups such as Intel, General Electric, Ford, ...

overseas entrepreneurs from south korea eye opportunities in vietnam Overseas entrepreneurs from South Korea eye opportunities in Vietnam

11:46 | 08/05/2018

YBLN Hanoi Forum 2018 was held in Hanoi for the first time with the participation of over 60 South Korean young business leaders.

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