viettel fined for replacing foreign tv channels Viettel fined for replacing foreign TV channels

15:39 | 14/05/2018

After VTVcab, Viettel will be fined for replacing a number of foreign television channels with new ones without announcing it to customers.

lingering problems in valuation of state owned enterprises Lingering problems in valuation of state-owned enterprises

16:04 | 17/04/2018

The failed IPO of VTVCab and the Mobifone-AVG scandal are valuable lessons for Vietnam on the valuation of state-owned enterprises.

vtvcab ipo unmarketable after scandal of cutting foreign channels VTVCab IPO unmarketable after scandal of cutting foreign channels

12:25 | 14/04/2018

VTVCab’s IPO was suspended as only one investor registered to join. The lack of interest may be due by VTVCab’s arbitrary decision to axe 22 ...

vtvcab expects to acquire 261 million from ipo VTVcab expects to acquire $261 million from IPO

22:15 | 22/03/2018

Vietnam Television Cable Corporation (VTVcab) will put 42.3 million shares on sale at its IPO, expecting to acquire $261.48 million from the deal.

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