vinsmart co operates with pininfarina to design smartphone VinSmart co-operates with Pininfarina to design smartphone

17:58 | 04/05/2020

VinSmart has recruited Pininfarina – the world's leading industrial designer – to design its newest Vsmart smartphone models.

vingroup completes two vsmart ventilator models for hostpital use Vingroup completes two VSmart ventilator models for hostpital use

15:36 | 29/04/2020

The two VSmart ventilators will be able to be used for not only COVID-19 but ICU treatment at any hospital or health facility.

vsmart phones surpass apple in retail Vsmart phones surpass Apple in retail

14:52 | 09/03/2020

For the first time since launching in the market, Vsmart has surpassed Apple in retail revenue.

government campaign to push up low cost smartphone segment Government campaign to push up low-cost smartphone segment

15:40 | 04/03/2020

The MIC's plan to popularise smartphones among the entire 100 million Vietnamese populace may create a race to manufacture low-cost smartphones.

market share of vsmart sees soar Market share of Vsmart sees soar

18:54 | 14/01/2020

The market share of the Vsmart smartphone brand developed by VinSmart, an arm of Vingroup, was reported to increase by 6 per cent, catching up ...

vsmart tests vmessage and vcall instant messaging features Vsmart tests Vmessage and Vcall instant messaging features

17:14 | 26/12/2019

Vsmart introduces the Vmessage and Vcall services which allow Vsmart users to send texts and make calls for free.

vinsmart introduces smart android tv VinSmart introduces smart Android TV

14:41 | 21/11/2019

VinSmart expects to introduce five smart TV products using the Android operating system that will be officially launched in December this year.

images of vingroup smart home devices appear online Images of Vingroup smart home devices appear online 1

10:11 | 16/11/2019

Images of Vsmart smart home devices went viral after Vingroup announced that it would begin manufacturing smart TVs, air-conditioning, and smart fridges.

vinsmart co operates with fujitsu and qualcomm to develop 5g phones VinSmart co-operates with Fujitsu and Qualcomm to develop 5G phones

06:58 | 29/06/2019

The 5G smartphones of VinSmart will be manufactured in Hanoi and are expected to be exported to the US, Europe, and other markets from April ...

vingroup starts construction of vinsmart manufacturing plant Vingroup starts construction of VinSmart manufacturing plant 2

08:28 | 11/06/2019

The second VinSmart plant will not only produce Vsmart phones but also become a partner to world-leading smartphone manufacturers.

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